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Wha twould you grab if you had 25 seconds

Aug 31, 2004
Before you were dropped into the woods for an unknown amount of time. Id grab a saucepan, firestarter, SAK zippo ( probably running out of time about here. Water bottle.. I dont have a tent , if I did Id grab that..
Shoes, hat, knife, gun in that order, or...the guy trying to drop me, or a parachute, or..control of the aircraft... depending on the altitude and attitude.:D
codger answered in another post, but I will in this one. It is a Bug Out Bag, a bag that you keep prepared for an emergency so that you can grab it on the way out the door. It is one thing that the contents are constantly thought about and discussed on sites like this. Chris
Shoes, hat, knife, gun in that order, or...the guy trying to drop me, or a parachute, or..control of the aircraft... depending on the altitude and attitude.:D


Ahhh yeh I know.. Im thinking about making a BOB... any good Threads to read about it?
Machax, tarp, pot, firestarter, Victorinox Champ, big hank 550, sleeping bag. ( I think I could do this in 25 seconds).

Nobody else mentioned a tarp but it would definitely be one of the first things I grabbed.

I'd stuff the sleeping bag into the otherwise loaded backpack, and grab my gun. Then I'd change my shoes to something better.

pick out the best things said in the thread and through them in the car :D:D
...guess it would depend on where I was when the clock started ticking.:confused:

I mean, if all my 'stuff was sitting right there at my feet, I'd grab it all.:)

If I was sitting on the toilet, well...:(
if i was already wearing my boots, outdoors pants, a few shirts, etc, then i would grab my shoulder bag and my utility belt.

shoulder bag: fatwood and 100% cotton cloth, sak with drivers magglass etc, canteen, mini prybar, batteries for the flashlight in my pocket, med kit.

utility belt (a joke that we made up for my belt) : in a mid size camera pouch: ferro rod with razor striker, mini med kit, five spare razor blades, a small bundle of fatwood matchsticks, sewing kit, tiny ceramic sharpening rods. in a small "leatherette" belt pouch: sling, 4 inch blade sheath knife,

i would also grab the poncho/blanket roll off the floor of my bedroom:
tarp with grommets in corners, warm wool blanket large enough for doubling over for makeshift sleeping bag, cords, stakes

i might also grab my gloves on the way out the door.

i can see a semi realistic situation where this sort of dash would occur...perhaps you are out in your cabin in the woods on a hunting or camping trip for a week, and somehow it catches on fire (sparks from the campfire outside?) so you only have about 25 seconds to dash inside and grab some gear to survive until your ride (your buddy on a quad) comes in a few days, or you can walk out to the highway (several miles away) and hitchhike back home.
shoes, hat, coat, rifle, ammo and bug out bag. Im good to go
the OverNight Pack , mid-length hikers & socks (right next to the Pack), Ruger 10/22 and 2 boxes of Win T-22 ammo, right next to that.
If it was 3rd world area, forget 10/22, would grab AR15 in the cordura bag.

Overnight Pack includes:
Tube tent, poncho, 550 cord, compass, firestarting kit, FAK, Knife kit (which includes Rat-7, Wenger Moutaineer, and gerber tool all in one sheath on a mil-style psitol belt), drinking straw, Camelbak bladder with tube, Heavyfoil mini-loaf pans, Boonie hat, wool cap, leather gloves, UCO candle lantern w/ 3 candles, Flashlight, Aurora headlamp, [2] bottles of drinking water, powdered gatorade, and a bunches of other neato stuff. BK1 is strapped to the outside as big chopper.

Oh yeah, the Overnight Pack also includes, Carabiner'd to it, the mini-PSK which has redundant stuff , plus BeckerNecker and Swiss Champ.

While flying out to be dropped:

Would put on Pistol belt with Knife kit and mini-PSK attached. Becker Necker would get tied around neck with Magnesium block&striker, small coin sized LED light, clip-on compass, 10 feet of 550 cord, and Serber tool.

Swiss Champ would go in pants pocket, with BicLighter, fero-rod and map compass.

Basically creating redundant mini-kits all over my person.

Fill spare mags with ammo, and store in small pouch on belt.
If Third world, tape mags together, and store easily accessible.

Drink water, and eat a bar. Take pilots water at gun point, and drink it too! :D
In fact, would pound down as much water as reasonbly possible.

Check compass while flying to deteremine heading. watch for landmarks below, rivers, mountains, roads, cities, towns. Are the mountains snow capped? Is it hot or cold, observe the weather.

Once on ground grab pencil, or use a stick on the gorund to make a quick map of what you just observed. Roads rivers mountains, etc.
It's better to head in the direction of the "Known" than the unknown.
Orient using compass and local landmarks. Head toward river by finding creeks and streams, by heading to valleys.

If dropped late in the day, do not plan on doing much travelling, First priority is where to make camp. Recon area for hostiles, 4 leggers and 2 leggers.
Once area is determined CLEAR, set camp, make fire. Continue thinking about your mental map, and Plan Plan Plan what you intend to do the next day.

Get a good nights sleep knowing that in morning it's time to get up, get packed and start moving, no lolly-gagging.
First Sun Up: Dawn to early afternoon is your travel time, make the most of it. No breakfast in bed or morning newpapers.
The water you brought with you will last the day, if that, that's all. You really need to find a water source by afternoon, if at all possible.

So, looking for running water that will lead to more running water has a two-fold importance, drinking water, and navigation. Keep using your compass, so you can keep oriented. Know which direction the water is flowing and keep comparing it to what you saw on the flight in.

Hopefully you are not in the Sahara or the Artic.

That's the broad and general scope of the situation.