Wharncliff = Tanto without a Point?

Reality and the laws of physics are no different for me than they are for anybody else. We all have to obey the rules. Phil ay well be the world's leading authority on Japanese edged weapons, but even he and his blades must conform to the laws of physics. All the entusiam, mysticism, and Eastern-centrism in the world cannot alter the fabric of reality.

Just because some Japanese guy a real long time ago decided he was going to stab with a tanto does not mean it is optimaly suited to that purpose.
The part of the American tanto myth that annoys me the most is the lie that the samurai used knives like that as weapons. If the hucksters would stop claiming that I think I could ignore the rest of it.

There's plenty of info on the web about real tantos -- start at http://swordforum.com

-Cougar Allen :{)
Thank you. Someone else understands the separation between the "American Tanto" and the original/traditional Tanto.