Wharncliffe blade

You might take a look at the spyderco yojimbo. I have a ronin and after handling the wharncliffe in person, I am saving up for a yojimbo in blue.

I believe benchmade offers one as well.

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Mike Janich is a great guy and wonderful knife designer. I already have the Yojimbo (blue) and the Ronin and love them both, but I'm looking for a knife with a bit of a slimmer blade.

How do you like the yojimbo? Do you carry it strictly for SD or do you use it.

I really love my ronin.

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I am thinking about buying a Dweyer Strider modified..........does anyone know if he does this blade shape to the SMF as well as the SNG?

These days, there's a nice variety of production wharncliffes to choose from.

The gravitator and yojimbo have both been mentioned, and I really like both.

The benchmade opportunist is a neat little knife with a wharncliffe (if I remember correctly), but doesn't have a pocket clip, so that might bother you.

The benchmade switchback has a modified wharncliffe and an axis lock, plus I find it very attractive and is available in S30V or 154CM versions.

The Spyderco Centofante 4 looks nice, I'm a big fan of the non wharncliffe version which I've used often in real life, and haven't yet handled the wharnie, but I'm sure it's excellent. Definitely one of Spyderco's best budget models.

Also, the Kershaw centofante and leek are pretty cool if you like AOs. Of course, the leek is available in almost every variety you could want.
I absolutely love the Yojimbo. I mostly carry it for SD but you can't get away without using it some of the time. The point is deceptively strong just like the ronin and the locking mechanism is superb. Janich has hit gold with the handle tapered to fit the closed hand. I'm becoming a huge fan of the wharncliffe for the leverage and cutting power.

I like the look and the price of the Kershaw leek, is it worth a damn overall?
I do like the lines of the spyderco centofante but I'm not a huge fan of the traditional spyderco spine lock mechanism. In a bit of a twist there is the possibility of release (not on the yojimbo however). Correct me if I'm wrong.
Well, torqueing the knife should actually (I believe, I haven't tested this) have less of an effect on lockbacks than liner lock variants. There's not really anywhere to "fall off" of the tang...it's enclosed in a tight space, unlike the liner lock variants.

I do greatly prefer the compression lock of the yojimbo to lockbacks though.
If you like the Yojimbo but plan to use the knife for utility tasks, go with a BM Gravitator instead. The Yojimbo tip is probably a bit to thin and fragile. I have a Yojimbo and wouldn't use it for much more than packing tape or letter opening...utility-wise anyway. The Gravitator is beefier. Sexy too.

If you get a Kershaw Leek, go with a Ti/ZDP one, or at least a G10/S30V. The ones with 440A blade steel just don't cut it. I loved my Rainbow Leek, but I hated sharpening it every day or 2.
I carry a yojimbo daily and a ronin pretty often they are ok for light utility work when deployed the ronin saw some pretty heavy work i have not expierienced any tip deterioration. They are excellent knives but I cant recomend them for like heavy outdoor work or prying there are knives like the manix or the temperance that are better for that type of use.