Off Topic What’s this knife/sheath sitting on?

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May 14, 2012
Good morning Sharp & Fiery fans!

I posted a photo in the “What knives are you carrying” thread this morning with the question “what is this sitting on?”
I thought, ooo…this could be fun! So why don’t we try it here?
I’m thinking that I will post the photo Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s.
Monday-Thursday it would be a photo from anyone who visits this thread. :)
What say you?

Here was the photo posted this morning.


A great guess from Kettleman Kettleman but Ellis Wyatt Ellis Wyatt took the cake with the correct answer of “canoe.”

Looking forward to some good times and guessing from myself!

Keep tuned for tomorrow’s photo! If someone wants to post one in here for today, I’m good with that!

Let the good times roll and keep ‘em sharp!
And here is number one for this fine Sunday!
I’ll make it a relatively easy one. :)

What’s this knife sitting on?


Looking forward to who posts a photo for tomorrow!
Not so keen. The first photo answer was the key. I recognized the laminated pattern.
Happy to be here.

I beg to differ…from my conversations with you, you are as sharp as a tack!!
Happy Sunday, my friend. 🙂