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Oct 2, 1998

Well as you can tell by the time it is early in the morning and my wife and I just walked outside to watch the shuttle launch. If you have ever seen it you know what I mean. A night lauch is spectacular! Wonder what knives they carry up there? (See how I got some knife content in that post!)

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I had a chance to see one of the Apollo shots go off from Cocoa Beach in '67??. The only thing that I've seen that was as impressive as the shot was to stand next to a launching Top Fuel dragster at the starting line. The power and force displayed in both situations are impossible to describe - you can literally feel your bones vibrate. Anyone who has never seen a Shuttle launch deserves the opportunity. You don't even need to get up real close.

Boy, I hope Spark did the same thing! What a welcome to Florida. Talk about fireworks!
Actually, I didn't, because I didn't know it had been rescheduled for that night after the previous day's mission scrub. Wish I had now, oh well, I'll catch the next one.

One of the benefits of having a boss who's an astronomy buff is you get to telecommute the next day....


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Mike and others, I once saw a programme about Swiss Army Knives and some astronauts said that their favorite tool "up there" is the Swiss Army knife. I don't know if they were talking about Victorinox or Wenger.