What a birthday present!

Dec 29, 1998
Today is my b'day and my 7 year old son has been dying all week to give me my present. This morning he hands me a small package and lo and behold, it's a knife - A Colt Python
! My wife told me that two weeks ago he told her he knew what I would like for my b'day - a new knife. But she didn't know where to buy one. But he did! He told her about the gun shop I've taken him to in the past and that's where they went and he actually picked out the knife by himself. I'm no fan of Colt knifes and I would never have bought this knife on my own but this knife will now have a special place in my collection right up there with my Sebenzas and Microtechs. I'm one proud Dad

Happy birthday. I see you've got that boy started down the right track!

When I first started reading your post, I saw "Colt Python" before reading that it was a knife, and thought-what a birthday present, indeed
Fantastic, sounds like a great son, and wife. Next year start telling him about Apogee or EDC.
Happy Birthday Art