What about an M43?


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Jan 13, 2001
Is it just me, or do Mr. Powell's pix of M43s make you extremely envious? Uncle, do you think that the kamis can make us some M43s, with the fully curved blade and handle, pana butta grips, and military style frog? I know that they would usually need a wood model to work from, but do you think they can make this on their own? Are there any kamis at BirGorkha that would be already familiar with this style?

What say you fellow khukuri enthusiasts? Anyone else interested in the M43?

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The M-43 has integral bolsters.
Would that present a production problem for bishwakarmas who are accustomed to adding brass bolsters?

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Another thing to consider would be larger handle to fit North American hands, but don't think this would be much of a problem.

As for dimensions, I think John Powell may be able to give us measurements from one of his khukuris...

I'm definitely in on this one. That knife is just too pretty to pass up. If it arrives at the same time as grezer's I'm doomed.

Would anyone really object to having a brass bolster? I wouldn't, unless somebody knows something I don't about a structural advantage.

And chiruwa or tail? From John's posts I gather similar models were made with both at one time or another.
Integral bolster or not I'm hoping that this model comes with steel furniture. Pins, bolster, buttcap. Seems appropriate for this style and if it goes through I think will be the only one to come with steel fittings.
From Page 5 of the Khukuri FAQ of JP's collection:
Specs for a Standard M43, referenced to the chart on the top of the page.

A. 2 5/16"
B. 13 1/8"
C. 3 1/2"
D. 17 1/2"
E. 4 1/8"
F. 5/16"
G. 1/4"
W. 1 3/4+ lbs"
(Actually referenced to the chart at the top of Page 6).

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There's something perverted about your research skills, Berk. And preparation.

Come to think of it, it reminds me of what I used to do in anticipation of giving lawyers enough to hang themselves at hearings. It didn't happen often, as the Judge knew how I played the game ( really nice letter that he wrote recommending me to his old law school ) and usually cut the attorney off in time to save face.
I would suggest that Bura make the first few models. The other kamis are likely to change the design a little while Bura seems to be the one kami that seems to regularly come close to specs.
See what happens when I influence Berk?
Of course I can't take ALL the credit!(Finally got you Berk,my friend)HEE!
This blade shape reminds me a lot of the falcata.

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Does everyone want horn or wood handles, pinned or not! John do tou have any suggestions,which is more historically correct! I'll go with whatever the group wants!If they send half & half, I'll take whatever one is left! In other words,if one pinned & one full tang is left & one member wants the full tang I'll take the pinned! I just like K's!