What about Kershaw?? (Talon?)

I've had a Kershaw Talon 1421ST now for about a year...

It was my every day carry knife (in a nylon/velcro belt sheath) until I got a Sebenza. Now I use it mainly on the weekends. My "review" is...

Overall, the knife feels a little too heavy for the pocket, hence the sheath. The pocket clip is mounted too low and is nearly useless except for assisting the knife to cling in a belt sheath. (I'm afraid it's gonna slip out because so much knife is exposed to get caught on something.)

The handle is slightly recurved and very comfortable to my hand. The partially serrated blade cuts good like a knife should, and stays sharp throughout many rope, 550 cord and cardboard cuttings. (I've only sharped mine twice). The bottle opener works with the blade opened or closed - it's great for opening longnecks at parties - and doubles as the thumb stud.

My knife shows two or three minor specs of rust at the liner/scale junction (I use it around saltwater alot). The blade shows no rust.

At first, the liner only engaged the most proximal side of the blade. But, after failing the "slap the spine" test several times in a row, the liner must've deburred and now engages the middle of the blade w/ a solid "click." The lock has not failed anymore either.

I placed a lanyard on mine and like it.

Bottom line: this is a hardy knife for arduous chores. I like it, even w/ its few flaws. My father in law (a machinist) got one soon after mine and "fixed' all the creampuff stuff. (ie thinned the scales and skeletonized 'em etc) I'll keep mine like it is "Warts and all."


I have the modified Talon with the "bottle opener " cut out. It is a very nice knife very sharp out of the box smooth action and good lockup. One one complaint is the pocket clip. In a word it sucks. It is flared out like the early Spydercos and snags on things. Although I like the knife, I stopped carrying it because of problems with the clip. I am going to remove the clip and carry it in a belt sheath.

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I have carried both the thumb-stud and bottle-opener version of the Talon, and they both were fair. My specific complaint with the thumb-stud version is the point-up carry in pocket. Since I carry my knife on the left side, I put the thumb-stud on the appropriate side of blade, and in more than one instance, the blade "sneeked" open in my pocket approx 1/2 inch. That point is not only sharp, but it hurts like hell when you reach into the pocket and find it!!!
Tightening up the tension on the pivot only served to render the knife a 2-hand opener. The bottle opener had a tip-down carry, which helped this problem. The opener notch did, however snag on clothing occasionally. I don't carry them anymore, but still like the blade.

I had a talon last summer, great knife until I sold it to a friend. Never had any problems with it. I picked up a Kershaw 1416 the other day on sale. It is their full sized tactical folder (4" blade, 5" handle). Great knife to pick up, however...

The complaints about the pocket clip are correct, but easy to fix. Take a drill make three new hole below the lanyard hole. This will make deep carry possible and angle the clip better for your hand. Call Kershaw and order torx screws for the knife if yours are wearing out.

I have heard nightmare about the early Kershaw liner locks failing, never had any problems with mine. Let me know if you need more specific information to fix any problems.

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