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What air compressor

Nov 16, 2005

what kind of air compressor do I need for sand blasting?
I also plan to use it for Kool-mist cooling for my Vertical Mill.
It depends what kind of cab are you going to use?

and for how long? if you just want to blast a knives a smaller compressor would be ok but you will have to wait a while for it to keep up

your would still want the strongest one that will run on 110 volt thats what I have and I wish I got a 220v 60 gallon one I dont know what other kinds of shop work you do but things like die grinders and D/a sanders suck alot of air if you want use tools like that get no less then a floor model
if you want to be able to sand blast for quite awhile a 2hp compressor would probley be your minimum

1.5hp is the most you can run on 110volts if I rember right
I have the 60 gallon upright one from Home Depot and it works well for the bead blasting I do. A big tank certainly helps.
Stay away from the oiless type compressors if possible. Go as big as you can possibly afford, you won't regret it.
Forget about HP, what you're interested in is PSI and CFM. You need to know how many PSI you need to run a given tool as well as how many CFM of air it needs. Most tools will give you this kind of info on the packaging (if not, call the manufacturer).

All that being said, buy as much compressor as you can afford, you will NEVER regret having too much, but you will ALWAYS regret having too little. Heck, I've got a 5HP 60gal compressor and I feel it's "limiting" my future since I'll need to buy another bigger one if I ever find a way to finance an Iron Kiss air hammer from John Larson.

i have the home depot 6hp 60 gal tank in my shop and also in several of my dealerships 5 years and never had a problem with any of them i think i paid $399. the brand on them are husky great machines for the money! bb
keep your eyes open in local papers or swap sheets-

might find a good one like emglo or quincy for a nice price-
I just bought one today...... 5hp running (7.5hp) 80 gal tank, 2 stage.....
Maker is Kobalt at Lowes for under $800......

17.1 scfm@ 90psi and 15.3 scfm at 175psi........ it is runs at 22 amps.....

can't wait to start bead blasting again..... this time will be alot easier and less time consuming as the little compressor...... I am tired of always upgrading and wasting money.....