What are Junglee Short Swords like?


Apr 14, 1999
They look like they would be great around
the yard and camp. Has anyone used one?
I have not heard too many positive things
about Junglee but this tool looks pretty
well designed and thought out.
I haven't used one but I've sold and handled plenty of them and I can tell you they are better made than most machetes. I'd rather have one personally than a machete. Incidentally, what have you heard bad about Junglee. My reaction to their product line is positive. In fact, the Hattori Fighter is one of the nicest looking production knives of its type in terms of design and fit and finish. Unless they break blades or something I'd have a tough time finding something to dislike about it. Same with many of their better folders. Take care.

Knife Outlet

Knife Outlet,

You say you've handled plenty of Junglee Shortswords, so maybe you can tell me how thick the blades on the "2000" and "2048" (Military Bolo) are.


Have you done any toughness tests using either the 2000 Short Sword or the 2048 Military Bolo? If so, can you direct me to them?

Finally, how good of a metal is AUS-8 blades of this size and intended use?



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