What are the odds...?

Oct 4, 1998
of Benchmade issuing a black Ti coated, combo edge, M-2 steel AFCK with an axis lock?
I love my Axis, but I still prefer my AFCK as a daily carry but I would like to have the stability of the axis lock...
I think that so far BM has only released the M-2 blades in plain, uncoated styles both on the regular and the mini AFCK's. I would like to upgrade to an M-2 AFCK, but I prefer the coated, combo blade.
As a money making scheme, they will probably come out with each feature one at a time so all us knife knuts will eventually have one of each.

What are the odds of them ever putting an axis lock on the AFCK models?

I'll hold out for the talonite Axis AFCK with Carbon Fiber handles in a cats eye pattern.

The M2 AFCK's are only available in BT2 coating because BM feels that it's too hard to keep the M2 from rusting. They also are currently available in combo edge. -AR

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