what are yall's opinion about the CRKT Crawfoed/Kasper Fighting folder

Jun 6, 2001
i was going to purchase a knife and i wanted a fairly good knife for not a lot of $ and i noticed that i read some good stuff about the crkt crawford/kasper knife and i saw the price but i want yall's opinion on the quality of the knife before i purchase it
I have one and I like it-however, it is not a custom the scales are plastic and it is big and heavy. I use it for every day task-scrapping mud off boots, cutting boxes, and various sundry task. The blade dulls fairly quick but it is easy to get wickedly sharp.
i was considering buying one too, i handled one today and i really liked how it felt, it is heavy, but comfortable, i liked the fact that it has two locks, and the thumb ramp is very nice. It was a smooth and solidly built, the only problem that i have with it is the fact that it is made out of aus-8 (the japanese version of 440a) so it is not a very hard steel, but if there was one in ats-34 iwould love it.
I have a CRKT large and small kasper, and i liked it so much i got a crawford custom kasper - as far as shape and size the are almost exactly the same - CRKT is coming out w/a aluminum handled version w/holes cut in it like the custom Ti version - but they are great knives i saw some for like $35 on the net - this 1 is certainly my favorite CRKT, and, imho would be a bargain at 2X the $$

The large Crawford/Kasper is a well thought out and trustworthy fighting knife, without doubt recommendable!

I love mine and consider it my beater knife because it didn't cost that much. I'll use it for just about anything and if I ever do something that breaks it I can get a new one without having to worry about losing alot of money. But I haven't found anything that cam close to breaking it yet.
I handled some again this weekend. They fit my hand kind of funny -- my index finger gets wrapped around the pseudo-subhilt as if it's a trigger, instead of being situated securely in the index finger cutout. I often find myself in this situation when it comes to deep subhilted index finger cutouts. Anyone else find this? Ergonomics are the most personal of things, so you might not see it at all, but it's worth handling yourself just to make sure. Generally speaking, I find the more highly-featured the handle shape, the more important it is to handle the knife to make sure it fits me.

The knife is otherwise typical CRKT good fit and finish for the money.

Sifu and I have already argued ad nauseum about our contrasting views of CRKT's liner locks. But with the presence of the LAWKS to keep things safe no matter what, it's probably purely academic.

Consider CRKT's Point Guard as well. Same length, but lighter and not as slippery. I had the KFF and sold it. I leave a Point Guard in the car for cutting up boxes and the like. A much more manageable knife.
I just handled one yesterday, and it reminded me that I really like the Point Guard. It is the choice for a CRKT daily carry hard use knife for me, since it fits my hands better, and for me is also much more carryable.
I think that it's the best value on the planet and is my "beater" as well. I usually carry two knives and the CRKT Crawford/Kasper Small Folder is often times one of them.
as for ergos the KFF fits my hand excellent, as does the CRKT companion(im on a kasper designed knife kick i guess), and the small KFF fits my wifes hand so well she appropriated it from me when it arrived via UPS - I also have a point guard, and while its ok, i personally dont carry it at all, just not crazy about it - dont like how the disc is positioned on the blade, makes it difficult for ME to open - if anyone need a point guard w/plain edge let me know lol - but just makes the point (no pun intended lol)that all hands are different, handle knife first before purchase if possible.....

It's a definitely a winner. I just recieved a large KFF three days ago and I've been carrying it ever since.

Big and heavy
AUS 6M is easy to sharpen
LAWKS system is huge plus
Smooth opening - can be flicked open
It's soooo big
Makes my BM710 look tiny and lightweight

AUS 6M is easy to sharpen because it's equally easy to dull
It's soooo big
It's very heavy
It's a liner lock - even with the LAWKS, its still not an Axis/Compresion lock
Bead blast finish tends to rust easily

I got a terrific deal on mine. (Thanks Dennis!) I really like the ergonomics, but be warned, when I played with the small KFF, it was far to small and uncomfortable for my hand. I like it a lot more than the point guard. The best part about it is: I don't fear damaging it. I could ruin 2 or 3 of them before I would even come close to the price of a 710 or similar knife. Makes for a great beater knife.

If it were made in AUS 8, I would buy another 2 or 3. Maybe CRKT will get the message and drop the cheap AUS 6M. The KFF is not for everyone, but for the money, it's a steal.
-- Rob
I got a small plane edge CRKT/KFF for christmas last year, and love it. To me it is the most confortable handle shape I own, and has been my most common EDC for this year.

I agree that it does not hold an edge as well as some others, but can't argue with the price and quality. I tried out the large KFF, but found it too large and heavy for EDC. The point guard is a better shape, but I can't stand the disk opener.

I would try the large KFF before you buy it. It is a BIG knife.

Silver Spring, Maryland
I've had two Kaspers, and both would fail the spine wack test at least 80% of the time. As stated earlier, AUS 6 dosn't hold an edge all that long. I really liked the handle and the blade shape. If you can get one that will actually lock up properly, I think it's a good deal.
I have a large and a small, and the difference in weight between the two is amazing. The smaller one's the only one I would even consider carrying around (and do); the larger knife is just too durned big. I might as well tote the Polkowski/Kasper Companion around, if I'm going to carry the large folder.

At any rate, both knives were superb deals, and make great utility blades.
Out of all the knives in my collection, my wife has chosen to carry my small CRKT KFF. It's easier for her to open than any other folder of mine, has a great grip, and actually holds an edge pretty well. CRKT's AUS6 isn't any wonder steel, but pretty darned good.
If I were you I'd check out the Timberline Kelly Worden Tactical Folder. Similar size and shape, better steel (8A vs. 6A) Great fit and finish. Still kind of heavy for carry in summer clothes (for me anyway) But it's built to last. The downside is no LAWKS. I have the small KFF and I love it, but in the full size range the Worden feels better in my hand.
I second the Wortac and I should mention that I agree completely about the thumb disc on the Point Guard. It stinks. But otherwise it's a much more practical knife. And the cutouts in the scales make a world of difference.
i would like to handle a custom point guard and see if the disc is still placed in an awkward position - as far as rust, i have never had a problem w/any of my knives rusting knock on wood - i carry either a REKAT SIFU/Crawford Kasper/CRKT Kasper/CRKT Companion/MOD Razorback/Matriarch, usually 1 or 2 mentioned at a time, mountain biking in my area, usually 1.5 to 2 hours and usually at the end of the ride the knife is literally dripping sweat, i dry them off w/a towell, and oil them up 2 times a week and have never had even a fleck of rust - jusdt lucky i guess, or bombay gin makes your sweat work like WD40 lol - but have never had any probs w/rust

was looking at my modest 'collection' earlier and still must say the BM AFCK is a helluva knife, i really like mine, it was 1 of the first tactical knives i bought about a year ago, the handle on it is very similar to the KFF imho also, and a lot lighter, the CRKT KFF could be lighter for sure, my crawford KFF Ti is a little lighter, not much plan to weigh it the next time i make it by a buds pawn shop, will post what i find out

Without the Lawks engaged, mine will fail the "wack" test again and again...Everytime! And not by a hard wack either, just by hitting the rubber on my Nike will do it.

Other than that, good deal for the $$$. Ive got the large model, which others have mentioned...It is a VERY heavy knife.