What are you carrying today?

One of the very first thread I ever read on BF was asking this question. I thought it was time to take another poll. I want to make sure I am not missing out on anything good! So what do you carry daily?
Myself small decorated sebenza right front pocket. Left front pocket, small wallet, keys, change. Belt holds pager and surefire E1.

The first knife was probably used to cut stuff.
I've got a Military in my rt front pocket and a little SAK in the cargo pocket of my shorts.
I'll go for it. I have a Crawford large Wortac in my right front pocket. This is the second day I have carried it instead of MADD MAXX. VERY IMPRESSIVE knife! Okay back to the topic, left front has a Spyderco Dyad and I have a MT Halo III in a belt sheath. Just a light day for me!

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Funny you should ask! Picked up nine new and used toys at a local knife and gun show yesterday, so the pocket inventory changes hourly
. Right now: CRKT Kasper in right front, Kissing Cranes stilleto left front, TOPS Scorpion horizontal on belt.

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Apr 23, 2000
William Henry Evolution Wharncliffe - in clip case right pocket. WH pearl Lancet left pocket. WH carbon fiber lancet shirt pocket. Micra down in the right pocket. And last, but not least, Spyderco mini-Dyad IWB.

Dean (need more pockets!)
Until I can get a BM42 I carry my 2 year old beat down, dented, and scratched Jaguar Balisong with the black inserts. Its real nice and all but I cant wait to get the BM42.

I have a sword in my pocket!
Lessee! Carry a Bub Worrell Peanut at all times in rt front pocket, Paul Reynolds Old Spaniard on right side belt, NEW Bob Doggett Utilty knife lft side belt, Gene Anderson folder lft front pocket


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My EDC knives haven't changed since the last time someone asked, but that maybe changing next week. I'm expecting a Camillus/DDR EDC from Darrel, and that may replace my Spydie/Walker lt/wt. I don't see my custom Art Washburn folder or the Eklund mini puuko being changed for a very long time.

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LF pocket,Spyderco Horn;RF pocket, Kershaw Onion Boa (multicolor handle,plain blade); R hip, Cuda CQBII, plain blade.I tend to carry something different every weekend, but the Cuda seems to be rising to the top of the rotation for belt knives.

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Can't wait for my Blackwood Small Tac/ Utility. That will definatly work its way in to my EDC.
My everyday carry seems to change from day to day but I always have a combination of:
Glock 27, Glock 30, S&W 442. Fred Perrin La Griffe neck knife, Spyderco Gunting, Chinook and or Ayoob. Emerson Commander, Surefire 6z flashlight, cell phone and a Palm Pilot...
i finished polishing up my MT LCC (m/a stonewash serrated).
i gave the bolsters, liners, blade spine, and a solid clip a 320 grit satin finish.
it looks great except i've got to go back and do the bolsters again because aparently the stock bolsters aren't completely level.
i guess microtech's CNC machines aren't as exact as they should be.
it looks cool but now the satin finished bolsters dont really match the color of the blade in certain light.

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today, mayo tnt on my neck, flex knife on left side of belt, rekat pikuni on right side, spydie card in wallet, and old kutmaster barlow in pocket.

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Lets see. My favorite Rookie is at Spyderco getting sharpened at the moment. I have a Spyderco Toad in my left pocket and a BM 705 clipped to my right front pocket. When the Rook gets back, it will replace the 705 for while. I also have a Swisstech plier thingy on my keychain along with a Spydie Ladybug.
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I carry a Spyderco Mouse in m L rear pocket, and a Delica in my R rear pocket.

I wear a Bill Siegle knife to my design, the "Daily" stat-lined to my belt on the L side, tucked into the belt or in the pocket.

And I have a Swiss Tool in a Benchmade sheath on my R hip.

And I have a Allen Blade steel MEUK in my daypack.

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