What are you making for christmas?

Jun 25, 2007
I'm making a hexagon tea light candle holder for my sister, mom, and for my girlfriends mom. Also a pair of candle sticks for my mom and my other sister/ her fiance. For my girlfriend I'm working on a 99.9 pure silver ring with 1.13ct of dark blue sapphire. I also hope to make a damascus friction folder for my grandfather. He gave me his anvil 4 years ago so its only right that I start to pay him back for his generosity. :thumbup:

I spent 4.5 hours on the lathe making the tool for punching the hole for the tea light candle holders. I think I'm gonna make a few for sale if all goes well. :)

Are you guys forging some of your Christmas presents this year?
I am going to make some of those pure iron rings I posted awhile back.

4.5 hours on a lathe?! Would have taken you 4.5 minutes to forge one :D
I thought you were gonna Sam. Those look nice! You might want to try some nickle silver for a few of those, might look good. :thumbup:

Well it would have taken closer to 8 minutes to forge but I don't have the right tongs, plus this way its perfectly round and will make a perfect arc at the top. :)
a few of those roses I posted a while back, and next year I'm making cabinet doors for my mom's kitchen.