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What are your thoughts on the M2 AFCK from benchmade?

Dec 20, 1998
I am thinking of getting a partially serrated BM-800S in the M2 steel. Does anybody have one? Can you give me your impressions of it?


The M2 AFCK is an excellent production knife. I have a mini-AFCK (812HSS) in M2 with a plain edge. It cuts wonderfully! Very nice ergonomics... feel greatin my hand. I love it. It seem to me to be a tremendous value... a superior blade at a very, very good price.

I'll second AJ's recommendation. There's a noticeable difference in the edge on the M2 . I ended up cutting a bunch of old telephone cables with it(alternating with an ATAK and a few other knives) and I was impressed with the ergonomics and cutting edge on the AFCK...
I agree with AJ and JohnG. I have an M-2 mini-AFCK plain edge, great knife. I now carry a small Sebenza, but prior to that it was my daily companion. Great edge-holding, a tad harder to sharpen than the ATS-34 version, but again, it is a trade off on edge-holding. I do like the feel of the mini AFCK and the smoothness of the action belies its price. A best-buy! Well worth the price difference between the ATS and M-2.
I agree with the assessments provided above.

I have both the standard and mini AFCK's in M2 with plain edge. They are two of my favorite knives. I love my new Axis with aluminum handles, but I'd not give up my AFCK's. (Or my Sebenza, MT's,.....


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