What Blade Angle Using Lansky Sharpener On ZDP-189


Feb 25, 2003
I.ordered a Delica 4, with a plain edge ZDP-189 blade steel. Has anyone used a Lansky sharpener for ZDP-189. If so, what blade angle did you use.
On another thread here, it was stated that you're a blade angle of 15 degrees. Lansky has a blade setting of 17 degrees, and recommends that angle for razor blades only.
Can someone clue me in on why, a 15 degree angle is being used.
Hi TPU. A lot of us here have the Spyderco Sharpmaker system. It has 2 available angles 30 degrees (15 per side) and 40 degrees (20 per side). The ZDP189 is a very high quality steel and can have a very thin edge with out chipping, so it will work great with the 30 degree angle. A lesser quality steel would use the 30 degree for the initial shoulder angle and then the 40 degree for the very edge.
If the 17 degree angle is the best you can do, I would probably just go with that.
As a tip,use a black felt pen to darken the very edge of your knife blade. That way you can tell if you are getting the very edge.
I hope that helps you. I often don't explain thing reel clear and probably someone else will chime in here.

The 17 deg. is probably 8.5 per side (based on your statement about razor blades). So you would want to go to 30 deg (15 per side), if you want to mimick the sharpmaker. I would imagine the ZDP would handle that easily.

Sal said he has taken his down to 15 degrees inclusive. The lowest angle on the Lansky will be fine on this steel. The lower the angle, the sharper it will be. The reason they recommend that for razors only is because ZDP-189 didn't exist when they designed their sharpener, and not many other steels can take an angle that low and still hold the edge in use.