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What books are essential for a knife collector to own?

As I delve deeper into this sickness that is knife collecting, I'm becoming more interested in the history behind all of it. What books do you knowledgeable collectors recommend? I'm interested in books that not only are well written and historically accurate, but those that have great photographs of classic knives.


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Hello Kelly,

I would recommend the Knives 99' annual. I it has lot's of great custom knives as well as loads of contact information. I pick-up my copy almost daily.

try http://www.knifeworld.com for lot's of books and reviews.

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You could easily fill a library with knife collector books. I would recommend the following basic books as a starting point:

a) Basic information/Introductory
Levine's guide to knives and their values
Knives (annual) - by DBI Books
Official Price Guide to Collector Knives

b) Antique Identification
Goin's Encyclopedia of Cutlery Markings

c) Ethnic
A Glossary of the Construction Decoration
and Use of Arms and Armor by Stone

d) Sword History
The Book of The Sword - Burton
The Archaeology of Weapons - Oakeshott

e) US Military
US Military Knives by M.H.Cole vols 3-4

f) Bayonets
Bayonets of the World by Paul
Kiesling (vol. 1-4)- Rare$
Bayonets from Janzen's Notebook

If you can tell us what area you are interest in I could list additional books for you - otherwise - too many to list.
The most important book IMHO is my check book.
The above suggestions look interesting. Off to the book store.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?

As with everyone else, I recommend:

1. Levines Guide (B&W, but covers everything)

2. Knives, Points of Interest (all)

3. Knives annual (97, 98, 99, etc..)

4. Swords and other Hilt Weapons (Barnes & Noble printed this a while back, it's a short history on ALL edged weapons by a series of different authors)

And then, of course, as not2sharp said, it depends what specific areas you are looking into.

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The Working Folding Knife by Steve Dick.
I absolutely love this book.