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what can you tell me about Anza knives?

Sep 8, 1999
One of the guys that I work with is thinking of buying a couple of these knives and had a few questions about them. I looked at thier web site and it says that the files are annealed and then cold ground. Can you tell me what the RC of these knives are?
If you own these knives how do you like them? How do they compare to other knives that you own? The handles look slippery, are they?
Thanks for any help that you can give me.

Shawn R Sullivan
I don't know about the RC, but they are soft compared to some of the high dollar custom ATS-34 knives. I don't consider that a bad thing though. It also makes them easy to sharpen.

The handles are smooth, and are slick when bloody etc., but they don't have any poorly placed "traction" areas that can irritate either.

The sheaths should probably only be used for packing in backpacks or vechicle camping, as I don't consider them safe to wear, except maybe just in camp or kitchen, while cooking.

They are a little thick in the spine for a kitchen knife, but that should make them more durable for more "heavy duty" use, but as I said the handle is slick, and there are no guards.

The bottom line as far as I am concerned, is that they are fairly inexpensive, and good to take camping. I have several sizes, and they sharpen up nicely. I don't worry about to much about their care, and are fine in the camp kitchen.