what can you tell me about D-2 enhanced?


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Dec 25, 1998
I have a couple of folders from Mike Obenauf on the way. These are my first knives in D-2.

How does D-2 perform? Strengths? Weaknesses?
Hey Dennis,

I have a Arc Lite Big (ALB) from Darrel Ralph in D-2 enhanced, and I am pretty impressed with it. It is holding an edge on a par with other premium steels, and appears to be pretty resilient. It passed the PVC pipe chopping test with flying colors, even with a fine edge.

It is supposed to be more corrosion resistant than standard D-2, but my blade has picked up some staining. The finish is glass beaded.

I like it. It is great steel. I equate its performance to my M-2 Benchmade blades, but with somewhat better rust resistance.
Fantastic steel, and honestly very close to the top of my list. It holds an edge through lots of abuse, and is easy as cake to sharpen. Appearance wise, it has a great look, unlike some of the other tool steels.
As far as I know, It acts like D-3. But is is still the best stuff in this class of steels, nearly stainless (I've had 154-CM rust faster then D-2 or D-3) but that depends on finish..
Soo.. if you want a perfect inbetween stainless and carbon steel with really REALLY good edgeholding.. actually is is one of the best non-powdersteels in my opinion.

Greetz, Bart.
From what I understand it is D-2 with a little more free chromium. I think it is a great knife steel. My DDR Madd Maxx in D-2 enhanced holds an edge about as well as any knife I have owned and you can get it hair popping sharp. I have had no problems with the blade staining or rusting at all.
The only personal experience I have is with my D2E Sifu, which holds its edge very well, and I can stab it full power into wood and snap it out sideways with no damage at all to that needle-point. I've also found it very difficult to rebevel, my Lansky ceramic coarse hone won't touch it, and 60 grit sandpaper doesn't do much either, but I just got an extra coarse diamond hone, so we'll see how that works.

I've been told that D2 is more wear resistant, but not quite as tough, as M2.

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