What can you tell me about the CS Culloden?

Sep 23, 1999
I was wondering if anyone owns or has handled a Cold Steel Culloden with the plain edge? What is it like? Christmas is comming and the fraction of scottis blood in me is starting to boil when I look at that knife!

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Aye, Laddie, tis a fine wee blade. Actually, I have the serrated version. It's a nice little knife. Very thin, even through the handle, but the rubberized grips provide a firm hold. Exceedingly sharp with a very pointy tip. Probably not much utility value, but it would make a dandy deep concealment knife (and fun to play with).
I think they have upgraded the sheaths since I got mine.

No Cold Steel but I have a real Skein Dhu. Very easy to conceal, especially if you are not wearing a kilt. Excelent utility blade! lots of point, flat ground, very sharp. I use a remounted shien dhu blade as a patch knife with my muzzle loader.

Got one and love it, don't carry it everyday, but get it out to toy with it occasionally.
At first I thought the blade wasn't ground thin enough, but the bevels are such that it really cuts well, and the handle is small but as noted above it fits.
For the price it's great, get one, the sheath is a little off I think IMO, but then I prefer leather.
The plain edge is the Carbon V version, which I think holds a good edge, my Trailmaster attests to that as well.
Good luck and merry Christmas!

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Thank-you soooooo much to those who have replied. I am new to Bladeforums but I feel at home! I've been looking for a place like this to talk about knives with good people for a long time. Thanks for the info on the Culloden (I'd say thanks in gaelic, but I don't know how to spell it!) I'm really getting tempted for a Culloden now! Hey donovan, how do you like the serrations?
I'm pretty much a serrations kind of guy. In my work I cut rope and poly, plants and cardboard, the sorts of things that serrations do well. The Culloden serrations are less pronounced than a Spyderco version, but are very sharp. To be honest, I haven't used this knife, so I can't speak directly to this point, but I bet it would do quite well.



I've got the plain edge Culloden & also love it. The only downside from my perspective is that the handle is a bit short for my favorite grip, the saber. Otherwise, the handle is very secure & comfortable. The overall slim profile makes a very concealable 5" FB package.

Although I do like serrations (fully serrated Viele, Matriarch & Cricket in my pockets right now), you may want to consider plain edge when it comes to Cold Steel products. If you use the search feature you should be able to find several threads that address the difficulty of sharpening CS serration patterns.



It is ok. To tell you the truth, I didn'y have much use for it though and eventually gave it to a friend. Not a bad knife by any means, you just might find it...useless I guess.
Thanks for the info on the blade and handle. How's the sheath? Is it bulky or does it tuck away well in places? I've never actually held a kydex sheath before so i am really curious...

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