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what company will laser cut blades to your specs?


knife law moderator
Dec 25, 1998
It seems as though someone was telling me of a company that would laser cut a blade for people. They would do this from a drawing. Does anyone know about this? Has anyone done it? I wanted some input. How much does it generally run? I am sure it depends on what kind of steel and how much of it is used but I wanted a ball park figure.


One that I know of is Admiral Steel in Illinois no Email listed but Fax-708-388
9317. the ad in KI says to send your drawings for a quote.

They sell 1050, 1075, 1084, 1095, 4130, 5160, O1, A2, D2, ATS34, 440C.

Phone 800 323 7055

Address 4152 W. 123rd Street
Alsip, IL

I have never dealt with them so can't help you with a price.


I buy steel from Admrial but find their laser cutting to be over priced and poor quality

Call me at (208)265-8858

Bob Taylor