What do I do with a kydex sheath?


Jul 15, 1999
Today I received my Next Generation Ka-BAr with the new kydex sheath and I was wondering how to care for it? Please advise! Thanks
Which next generation knife did you get, ka-12** or the ka-127*. I kinda like like the look of the ka-1222, (no serrations for me). How well does it hold and edge, and sharpen?
Is it too huge to carry? How is the grip material and feel? thanks
Go see your post in the Knife Reviews Forum.

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Care for it??? If you wanted to care for it you shouldn't have bought kydex!

You could rub some leather conditioner into it now and then if you want to ... it won't do any good, of course, but it shouldn't do any real harm either....

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The one thing you don't want to do is leave it on the dash of your vehicle or any other place that will get hot. The heat will cause the Kydex to loose its formed shape and if the Kydex holds the knife in, the blade may fall out. It has happened. You can reheat and reform but it never happens when it is convenient to do. Ray Kirk
A little ArmorAll every now and then will help preserve the looks.In my limited experience, Kydex doesn't really need much maintenance.

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