What do I have?

May 19, 2001
Real or repro? My father recently gave me a khukuri (no scabbard) which he aquired from a local militaria dealer. It is 16 1/2" in OA length. Split handle/full tang construction with double peened buttcap. Single handle ring and no bolster. Rear of handle is bell shaped. Blade is blued (seems to have been before grip was mounted) and is marked "DD 64" with the "broad arrow" above. Blade has a slight distal taper in the final 7" of its length.
I would call the fit and finish utilitarian and it seems quite sturdy. Grip panels are solidly riveted and have no play. The Khukuri has an overall patina and the grip panels were quite dark with built-up residue.
It shows no evidence of recent use. Would post pic but no equipment. Thanks in advance!
Mr Flaherty, I love sticking my neck out for the sake of agrument and interest. Isn't it much like gambling? My bet is that the khuk you described is a WW II K45. Everything in your description points to it.