What do you BLADE subscribers think?

Apr 16, 1999
What do you guys(forgive me for being gender specific) think about "Tek Knives", the anual supplement that came with the last BLADE Magazine?

Reserving my opinions on the articles themselves for later..., I felt kind of silly reading a magazine that butchers the words technology, technological, high-tech, etc., by constantly replacing the "ch" with a "k".

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
At least their editors still have a job. Although I can't figure out why.

I think we have to remember that their first and foremost goal is to sell magazines. Using tags such as "TEK" has to be intended to grab the eye of "off the shelf" buyers. They also were able to sell more advertising space for a single issue. I think it would interesting to know just how many of the knives in this supplement were actually designed on a computer. If we do actually have major kaos next year due to the Y2K bug. Most knife owners aren't going to be concerned with how "pretty" their blade looks. Preformance will be the prime factor. I like the looks of the computer designed "Speed-Tech" (note: with "ch"
), but steel quality and preformance ability will be the key to my purchase. I have to empathize with Blade Magazine, if I could sell more issues by changing a couple of letters to be eye catching I most certainly would. I am a subscriber but I have to admit I only glanced at the supplement reading the regular issue first. The articles are more important than the hype, in my opinion.
I thought the name was fairly cheesy but I did think that the articles were nice for an easy introduction into the differences between steels and handle materials. And the other thing was that the magazine store stuck them over in the computer/technology section so it has a chance of drawing in an audiance that would not be exposed to the knife world. And in the end the more people who are into knives the better.