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What do you think is better, Spy. Military, or Micro. SOCOM.

Mar 19, 1999
i don't mean to make a war out of this, i own both, and i'm trying to decide which is better. The military is cheaper, i think has a better steel(cpm-440V vs.154-cm-socom), the military has a better clip, better grind, very good G-10 handle w/stainless recessed liner, and i think a better, stronger construction. Now, the socom i'm talking about is the large clip point version, plain edge, vs. the military plain edge. The socom has also got a stainless liner, the liner is almost twice as thick as the militarys liner, the ergonomics are awesome on the socom, the groves are awesome, i dont know, which do you think is better, my military always passes the spine whack test, but the socom fails it abot 70% of the time, plus the military has a much bigger pivot pin. These are my opinions, and dont be affended, just let me here your thoughts, thanks...
I love my Military, the CPM440V is awesome scary sharp and I carry it a lot. The only negative comments in my opinion on the Military is the hump is too big asthetically. If your SOCOM fails the spine whack test 70% of the time, you need to send it back to Microtech. I have one that is perfect. I really like the way my SOCOM fits in the hand. The SOCOM is a piece of art and the aluminum handle feels more substantial than G10. It stays in the box with my other MTs, pretty to look at, nice to hold, too expensive for me to use. I wouldn't say that either is better overall, one is better for some things, the other one better for others. I vote to buy both
Man, now this is a tough one for me to reply to! I own both, use both constantly, and love them both.

I like the Spyderco Military for it's blade steel (CPM-440V) and the size and shape of the flat ground clip point as well as it's thickness.

The MicroTech SOCOM M/A I like for it's feel, looks, and strength of it's thicker leaf lock.

As far as the hole goes in the Military, I love it! Having a bigger hole than normal is a God sent. It is much easier to open and when wearing gloves, no problem what so ever. I have an older version with the extending finger choil on the underside of the blade. VERY nice for doing more precise work. Can't understand though why this was eliminated on the new versions. This finger choil was a big + as well as the CPM-440V steel for making this knife what it is for me!

I guess if I had to actually pick one over the other, again it would be VERY hard for me to do, I would go with the OLDER style Military over the SOCOM. The older Military had a few more pluses than the SOCOM does.

But, I am sure glad I don't have to choose


" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People -- Most of the time, that is! "

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Boy, that is a tough one. I had a SOCOM D/A, great ergonomics, but the knife failed the spine whack test 75-80% of the time. SOCOM is a good looker, but I got a Military and that is just the ticket. The blade has a better design for utility use, cleaning it is a breeze, as tomato and other foodstuffs always seem to find a way into the guts of the grip. I also thought that the Military was faster to open than the SOCOM too.
I can't think of any production folder I'd rather have than a SOCOM. If I could only choose one, I guarentee It'd be a Camo SOCOM. -AR

- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

Reliable Lock: Military
Blade Shape: Military
Steel: Military
Deployment Speed: Military
Carry Position: Military
Ergonomics: Toss-up
Fit & Finish: SOCOM
Aesthetics: SOCOM
Price: Military

I think that for use the Military is a clear winner. The Microtech is a fine piece for any collection, of course. IMO, Microtechs are usually pricey toys - but the SOCOM gets a lot closer to a serious using folder. But not close enough to compete with the Military.

Of course, I think the AFCK (especially in M2) will give them both a run for their money... but that's another can of worms.


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The Military, for all the above reasons, especially since the price drop.

The SOCOM is prettier, but, "Pretty is as pretty does..."

Isn't it amazing how 2 cents worth of opinion takes up a quarter's worth of paper???

Please excuse the crayon. They won't let us have anything sharp in here.

Reckon I'll chime in and add a pitch for the Military....
Have handled the Socom and while it is a prettier knife, funtionally speaking the Military is a solid winner hands down.
Reading the previous posts, I won't beat an already well worn horse.
Let us say for the reasons stated before and my own personal preference.

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

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The best knife of those two is the Benchmade M-2 AFCK. Sorry, couldn't resist.

The Military is better in my opinion, good blade, more comfortable handle, carries nicely.

Regarding the Socom, IMHO I find its lock to be among the best liner locks out there. It's true that it fails the first half dozen wacks, but in my experience that has helped seat the liner lock completely onto the tang, which can be observed by the fact that it moves further towards the opposite end. If anybody doubts the Socom, I would urge you to wack the blade and it should no longer fail. Cleaning the area might also help.

I love my Socom and still find it to be the best production folder there is. In my experience, all knives from other companies would have a considerable level of hit or miss as far as knife quality goes, but not microtech. (and this includes spyderco) IMHO of course.
I can't imagine this is even being discussed. While I do own several Spydercos(including the Military) these two brands are not even in the same ballpark in ANY area. I can't even compare Spyderco to Benchmade with a staight face. The Military is a fine knife for what you pay for it but it's no Microtech.

How do you like the feel of those ridges on the SOCOM handle after you've been cutting up boxes for about fifteen minutes? That's the only particular gripe that I have with them, they chew up my hands, that and they are pretty regularly reported to fail the standard lock checks. Well, those things and the fact that most of the blades are bead-blasted. OK, I'm done now.



For all of the reasons you mentioned, plus the fact that I don't particularly care for inserts on the handle, I skipped the Microtech and went with the Military....

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

I have both and I vote for the Military.I did'nt like using the MTas a utility knife.It's like a Corvette to me.Cool to look at,play with,and show off but not good for work.I like my Military for work.It performs very well for me.
scott w
I personally don't own an MT, but I just bought my Military a few days ago, and started putting it to the test.

So far so good.
Pretty lightweight for its size (which can be deceiving). The blade cuts like crazy, and keeps its edge very well. I only had to touch up the blade once after cutting, slicing, and dicing cardboard boxes one after the other, trying to blunt it. I even hit one of those metal staples below one of those boxes, and got lumps on my throat, thinking I've just damaged the edge, but found none, not even a chip.

I guess, for the price I paid for, this one is the best I've seen (next to my M2-AFCK of course, hehe).