What Do You Think of This?

Jul 8, 2002
O.K. guys, I have been debating weather or not to post this because of a past bad experience where I got flamed pretty bad, but what the heck?

Take a look at my latest creation. Just a start, still developing my process, but having promising results:


I know what you might be thinking; "Stupid Laredo, reproducing Timascus (TM)."

I have read the Timascus (TM) patent applicaton and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that I am not duplicating thier process. Mine is completely different. Thiers is basically a traditional diffusion bonding technique, where mine is not.

In the picture above you can see three distinct colors, gold, blue, and purple-brown which correlate to the three different alloys of titanium that are in the billet. The picture is also magnified. The gold colored layer is really only about 0.020 thick.

I am still having a bit of an issue with getting all the layers in a billet to bond well, but I think I have that figured out and hopefully tomorrow I can give it another go (just waiting on the UPS man).

The main benefits to my method are:

1) I can probably use any titanium alloy I want and bond it to any other titanium alloy or alloys.
2) No special equipment is needed (i.e.; hydraulic press, inert atmosphere, etc.)
3) Relatively low temperatures used during bonding so it is safer to produce.

And no, I am not soldering the layers together. ;) The billet can be manipulated and forged just like damascus can be.

And no, I am not going to sell it in raw billet form. My main intent of developing this is for making my pens. I have been doing less and less with damascus steel for use in pens because I don't have a good way to protect them from corrosion. Clear coat and powder coat end up delaminating over time and need to be refinished, so hopefully this will work out well. Or else I will need to get my hydraulic press completed and start making SS Damascus.

Let me know what you think, good or bad.

What should I call it? How about Tikume?

I think that is freakin cool! Might I ask how you are doing it?

People have been trying to make pattern welded titanium for years and just because a couple of people figured out one way to do it doesn't mean that others should be discouraged from trying.
Sean, I think it is very cool on several levels, both artistically, creatively, and intellectually. I think the fact you respected the Timascus patent app. is very honorable. While the Timascus guys, who are friends of mine, may not be thrilled there is an indicator that competition is possible, still, your ingenuity to pursue a desire and design a different process is at the core of American invention and admirable. Well done.

Mardi Meshijian (sp) is laminating Ti, also, but into knifeblades. He displayed some cool stuff at the Chicago Show. Expanding the possibilites is what this stuff is all about, and makes it a great craft.
Never dont post because your afraid of the reaction. I find people can be a little rude from time to time but that has nothing to do with you. Its there stubborness to accept someone else can do what they cant or just cant simple say...damn...may not be what I like but hey, I bet someone would love it. Post anything you feel is worth the conversation.

By the way....damn good job! :D
What happens if you give it a twis or two and pound it flat?

Will it delaminate/separate, or work like regular folded steels?
You didn't get flamed in Shoptalk, did you? We just aint that kind of crowd. But hey fwiw, I might buy some of that off you, Sean... if you are willing to make some more. :D
Sean, I'm amazed as Roger, and it takes a LOT to amaze Roger! You are a most talented and gifted fella, Sean. I've never seen anything like that new stuff of yours.
rude from time to time

Rude...Here ? :eek:

I agree Sean, never be reluctant to post anything. I also think it took some innovative thinking and you may well be on to something big. Great things never grow in narrow minds!

Keep us posted!
Cool stuff I like it :D

Sean on what and where did you get flamed? :grumpy: must have been a real
A hole

Tikume sounds good.. :D