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What do you think the best khukuri on the market is?

Feb 6, 2000
I've really started liking khukuris, but can't decide which one to get. What khukuri do you guys think I should buy?
Andrew, if you can wrangle it try and get a Ghurka House WWIII. It's the same as their WWII model but with larger micarta handles and a Edgeworks kydex sheath as well as the standard wood/leather one. Check out the GH forum for more info. Other than that, I like the GH WWII. Hope this helps.

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Andrew, you posted your question on the main discussion forum were it should be, I don't know why you had to post it on the REVIEW and TEST forum.

Can you say redundancy. You can also go to the HI and GH forums, and scan through the past years worth of threads to lear more about these khukuri's. There will a lot of info and you will be able to form your own opinion.
Thanks a lot guys, especially Johan; that WWIII sounds great! And Cobalt, you're right, I shouldn't have really posted this question here. Sorry about that, guess I just got over excited about getting a khukuri and wanted the perfect one...I'll be more careful next time. Thanks again guys!
No problem Andrew. Really do check out the HI forum archive for past threads. Just about every khukuri made has been discussed there at one time or another.

I don't think you can go wrong with either a GH or an HI khuk. I know the HI has a lifetime warranty, and I'm pretty sure that GH does also. The HI is a little higher quality, at least they were a year ago. But you are paying more, so your budget will decide what you can get.