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What do you WANT??

Discussion in 'K9 Knives' started by Tom Krein, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Tom Krein

    Tom Krein

    Feb 11, 2003
    Okay, Dan and I told you what we want K9 Knives to become. What would you guys/gals like to see from K9 Knives??

    Lets hear it! This is your chance to have some input on the start of a dynamic (thats a BIG word for me...:rolleyes:) new company.

    What do you want to see??

    Thanks for your input up front!! We are listening.:D

  2. cybrok


    Aug 7, 2005

    I'd like you and Dan to get totally drunk and/or high and draw knives.

    Then show us the results :)

    THAT'S what I would like to see.
  3. carrot


    Jan 9, 2006

    Also, there needs to be a model called the Poodle, designed to be sheeple friendly ("aww, it's so cute!") and still an excellent user.
  4. samhain73


    Mar 5, 2005
    A 3-4" blade EDC sized knife for sure!
  5. OldPhysics


    Sep 2, 2006

    ...or at least a big, mean chopper to 'go' with the bushcraft knife Dan is finishing now. :)
  6. cybrok


    Aug 7, 2005
    A chihuahua neck knife too.

    And a pink scales version called Tinkerbell.
  7. mmmotorcycle

    mmmotorcycle Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jun 17, 2006
    A super-acute wharncliffe. 4.5 inch blade. 1/4 inch thick with a tapered tang. Call it Fang and I'll buy one!
  8. raythebigfoot


    Sep 12, 2007
    I would like to see a line of high quality steel blades at a good price (around $200-$250 max) that are good looking and well functioning. To me when I look for good user knives I don't necessarily care if the blade is computer milled or hand ground, etc.; whatever keeps the cost down in production is most important to me. It is the steel quality and the heat treat that I place the most importance in. In fact if the knife came unsharpened but was $20 cheaper to me that is worth it because I prefer to sharpen my own knives anyways as most people on the forums seem to do. Perhaps sharpening could be an option with a add on price instead of a necessity.

    When I look at the large companies mass producing knives I always hate the fact that they don't always try and use top quality steels, and on the other hand the companies that do (Busse for instance) have prices so high the average knife user cannot afford to pay that much for a knife, especially if wanting to have more than one.

    For something I am going to use I don't really care if I'm the only one out there that has one so uniqueness is also not as important to me.

    Second I do like to multiple options for the same blade, especially when it comes to handle materials. I like being able to pick the color of the handle as well as G10 vs micarta vs wood vs bone vs etc. I know in large quantities you are going to have to limit the options on what you guys can get in large quantities but I think multiple (3 or 4)options is still doable. I would also like to be able to buy high quality blades and put my own handle material on them.

    Well I think that's enough for a start!
  9. mmmotorcycle

    mmmotorcycle Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jun 17, 2006
    Well said!:thumbup:

    I agree wholeheartedly!
  10. Rupestris

    Rupestris Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 1, 2006
    1 -Availability. (I know that could be tough if K9 gets a following like Busse and Swamp Rat where the people that enjoy them buy them up in bulk.)

    2 - User reviews and photos hosted on the Company website as opposed to a K9 forum.

    3 - Longevity of designs/offerings of several knives. No need to drop a popular design after a limited run because collectors are pining for something new. Give 'em something new without canning the tried and true designs that sell and work.

    4 - A leash (lanyard) included with all knives. Gray braided paracord would be cool.

    5 - A neck knife with no scales but a cut-out shaped like the "dog bone" forward end of the scales on the standard knives. If possible, something like your dogfish by CRKT in 3V.
  11. Andros


    Apr 20, 2005

    That is a very nice and thorough way of putting it :thumbup:! This is also how I feel about it.
  12. BlazenGem


    Oct 19, 2007
    I like to see some crazy nice folders.

    that has the features of a bunch of awesome knives:

    1. bushing system of sebenza

    2. hinderer stabalizer of xm-18

    3. ultra smooth opening like Brad Duncan's, Larry Chew's

    4. some special K9 knives feature to make it even better!
  13. raythebigfoot


    Sep 12, 2007

    I wholeheartedly agree with number 3 (not that the others are bad) and would definitely add that to my list of things to look for. I hate it when companies do limited runs of really great knives; why do you want to stop making a particular knife if you are making money selling them?
  14. mymindisamob

    mymindisamob Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 1, 2005
    I would like to see options on styles such as clip-points and drop-points. So often I read that someone wishes a blade had a clip or swedge grind, while I keep seeing swedges and clips that I wish were drops. I would also like the option for serrations. I know many would argue against the functionality of serrations, but it has proven otherwise for me.

    Other than that, you guys are doing some things already that hopefully will more than fill the needs and wants that some other makers either ignore or can't accomodate.
    BTW, I really like the blood groove look and I love the thumb treads.
  15. Some GREAT thoughts already, so I will echo some of those in my post.

    - I want to see an honest, fair Company that treats their Customers and Competition with respect. Maintain Integrity and Honor in all things.

    Do What you say you are going to do... ie. if you give a date for a release of a Blade, stick as close to it as humanly possible, if you fail to meet the date let your valued Customers know why before they start asking for info.....

    - Value with Style. In agreement with raythebigfoot; there are enough $300-$700 Non Custom fixed blades flooding the market. Performers in the $200 neighborhood, knives that WILL be used and will perform in an exemplary manner will win new Customers and continue to thrill repeat Buyers.Offering Higher End Customized or Lim Prod knives is certainly an option but create a solid grouping of afforable Users first.

    - Remove the Hype. Let the Designs speak to the heart of the Buyer and the Performance speak to the experienced user. Do not indulge in Advertising with Stealth Secret Former OSS, LRP, PADI Deanimators offering the latest "So Secret We Can't Tell you what it is" Steel.

    - Provide a Sheath. Even if you Contract out (A semi Custom or even a Good Production Sheat is better than no Sheath).

    Those are my thoughts, thanks for asking.
  16. gmarthur


    Mar 5, 2007
    I agree with the provide a sheath thoughts. Even if you merely contract it out or make arrangements with sheath makers to have a demo blade for sheath construction. I hate getting a knife in the mail only to send it right back out to get a sheath made. Get some demo blades in the hands of quality sheath makers. Maybe look into some different style sheath like CRK uses for the aviator and shadow III. That pancake style sheath is one of the best I've owned.
  17. Maqua


    Jan 21, 2005
    Please please please try to avoid the "wait five years while we make your knife" business model!:D
  18. cybrok


    Aug 7, 2005
    Oh and guys. Don't forget both of you are talented knifemakers with your own models.
  19. offsetlover


    Feb 26, 2007
    a high quality folder, with excellent fit and finish, and a great blade steel. affordable ($200 max), and of no special design. something that can take a crap load of abuse (not choppin cinderblocks mind you, lets leave that to Busse!) and keep chugging long despite it all.
  20. cool_hand_luke


    Jul 30, 2005
    Ditto. I didn't get in on the bushcraft knife, but I'd love to see a K9 big chopper.


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