what does everybody think about cold steel bush rangers knives


Mar 11, 2000
i would like to know your opinion on cold steel bush ranger knives. i am thinking about getting one (if i can save up enough dough) and i want to know what people think about them. thanks.
The Bush Ranger is a pretty good knife, and a great knife for the bucks. Mine is the AUS-8 steel because I wanted something with greater corrosion resistance than Carbon-V. The blade shape is typical bowie and very useful. At 7" the blade is long enough for light chopping and yet small enough not to feel awkward. The blade takes a good edge as well. However, there are a few things that are lacking. The seal between the kraton handle and the tang isn't that great, if you flex the guards you can create an opening. This means that you could get moisture trapped in the handle. Also I found the checkered grip to me too abrasive, if you're doing a lot of chopping you'll get blisters pretty fast-wear gloves. For the cost it's a pretty good knife, in the sub $80 range I'd definetly recomend it. If you want a REALLY great camp knife, go Busse.
Hope this helps.

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If you search this forum for "bush ranger" -- click on "search" near the top of the screen -- you'll find a number of reviews.

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I like my 8a version a lot. I would love to see one with a "real" handle and guard..I think a bit of metal and something a bit more organic than Kraton would improve the balance and chopping ability. And the sheath is pathetic. I am considering a leather one when a friend makes me a new rig for my old W49 Western.

Good value for money, though.

Go with the Carbon V steel version. It takes a wicked edge, holds it longer, and is much stronger. I say this even though I really like AUS8A steel. As long as you take decent care of it, and wipe the blade down once in a while, you should be very happy. And, if I'm not mistaken, the carbon steel version is less expensive. I have one myself, but I cut off the rubber handle and am going to install a real guard and a real nice wood or micarta handle. I also plan on sanding that crappy black epoxy finish off the blade. I love the style of the blade, both the length and the thin stock used. Too many knives nowadays have steel that is way too thick.

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