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What does it really cost...

Apr 5, 2006
In respect to a certain thread that got lots of attention and slightly heated in another forum here....ahem ..... Here's a little quote I thought some of you might find interesting ;)

....The “Moj” as we so respectively refer to it around the shop is just WAY too expensive to manufacture. The blade catch/Black Label popper on the spine adds so much to the overall width of the design that it takes up an entire width of a bar of INFI to cut out and makes it impossible to get another knife out of the same bar. So, we end up having twice the amount of steel involved. (at $32.00 per pound that hurts a lot!) We usually use 2-3 pounds of steel per large blade when you include the amount of waste and blades lost to warpage, bad grinds, bad laser cuts, etc… (and no we can’t just re-melt it). The “Moj” is eating up almost 6 pounds of steel per blade . . . do that math and you can feel my pain....

Yours in Nuclear Discontinued Collectibles,

Jerry Busse