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What ever happened to the Ontario/Collins T.A.L.K. folder?

Jan 28, 2001
I remember seeing an Ontario/Blackie Collins designed T.A.L.K. folder at a knife dealer last year, and I have never seen it ever again. Did Ontario discontinue them? Has anyone owned one or handled them?
Yes, I have.
Very simple Zytel handle lockback or Liner lock, I don't remember which. They might still be available from the Co, but save your money. I don't remember what steel it is, but I can tell you it's not ATS 35 or anything better, maybe AUS 6 or 440a. The action was not smooth, and it's only redeeming feature was that the blade was quite thick. Let me repeat, save your money. If you looking for a cheap working knife you'll find something of equal quality for less money. any questions email me.