What exactly do you want from me, or hope to gain?

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Jul 30, 1999
There have been a number of posts regarding me recently. These posts are from a group of guys, that are very good friends with one another. My question is to those that make these posts.

What do you want me to do?

What do you hope to accomplish with your posts?

Do you want me to not post on Blade Forums?

Do you want me to shut down my forums?

Do you want me to quit making knives?

Do you want me to lower my prices (and if you know you wouldn't buy my knives, why do you care about my prices?)

Do you want me to get off the internet?

Do you want me to stop attending knife shows?

Do you want me to disapear off of the face of the earth?

You have your right to post what you want here. I am sure you also must have your reasons. All I want to know is your underlying reasons. The discussion here, is only the head of it. I know your group discuss me in detail in chat rooms, and in e-mails and such. That is fine. Please tell me though what I can do, that will ultimately make you happy.

TomW what do you want from me? What I want from you is peace. From what I hear you make some of the nicest leather pocket knife sheaths anywhere, for that I respect you.

Maddog2020 what do you want from me? Everyone that I know that has dealt knives with you, says you are fair, for that I respect you.

Kit Carson what do you want from me? I have long seen your knives in magazines, and have looked up to you. I recently saw one of your knives at "The Gadget Company" and it was as perfect a knife I have ever seen. I have long admired you. To be able to admire you again, would do my heart good.

Others that have posted in the same tone as those mentioned, what do you want from me?

What I want is peace of mind. I want to continue to make knives for a living, and I want to continuely improve. I want to be able to respect and love my fellow knifemakers. I want to share my enthusiam for knives with others that love knvies. And most of all, I want to know what I need to do to end any bad feelings that may exist in this community towards me. So please tell me what I can do.

Note to moderators: Please allow this post to remain. Considering all the posts made in this section, regarding to me and or my knives, this is my response to them all. I know you to be fair, and I appreciate it.

Lynn Griffith-Knifemaker

See you at Blade Show (table 13c)

Griffith Knives Forum
ive been wathcing all this stuff about Griffith knives. Let me say i dont know Lynn, never talked to him, never seen his knives etc.

It boils down to this-

1-If you dont like his knives, dont buy them.

2-If you dont like his advertising methods and marketing techniques, dont pay them any attention.

3-If you dont like his forum, dont visit it.

4-If you dont like how he classifies his knives, see #2.

5-If you dont like his prices, see #1.

This is about all the energy i care to spend on the topic.

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Greetings All, I have been following the posts concerning the review of Lynn Griffith's knife. Let me say up front, I do not own any of his knives nor do I personally know him, so I'm about as impartial as I can be. What has disturbed me is the rabid attitudes I have seen expressed concerning the review. I know for a fact that since Custom knives are handmade, the potential for less than perfect workmanship exists. Because of this, I believe that this Griffith knife possibly have some flaws,{or it may not, as I haven't seen the knife myself}. Irregardless of this, NO one here has the right to set themselves up as some kind of knife judge & expert who's opinion cannot be questioned. Courtesy & respect for each other should be the norm. I think we let this subject die, leave Mr. Griffith alone & talk about knives in a productive way. Just My Opinion, Doug.

I hope that none of this is directed at me.

I posted and asked a question, simply out of curiousity, I kept seeing your ad. We have spoken on the phone, it was pleasant.

No ill will from this quadrant.

God be with you as you go. And may he shelter you as only he can.

Thank you,
Marion David Poff aka Eye, Cd'A ID, USA mdpoff@hotmail.com

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I've never met Mr. Griffith, and I don't own any of his knives (yet). Ihave talked to him via e-mail and have always received prompt courteous replies. He also seems to be genuinely interested in constructive opinions about his work. I, for one, would hate to see him get discouraged and leave the forums. He seems to be a positive member of the knife knut community. Just my $.02 worth.
I have discussed this with Lynn, and while I can understand his feelings, this does not belong here nor will it help any. It is closed and I hope the last one I have to do.

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