What Happened Here ? No Posts?? ( NM )

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Did everybody stab themselves or did a spring in my auto cut loose and poke me in the eye --- Where did everyone go?
Heee Haaa, oh my, that was a good one wll

Really, I did laugh at that one!


P.S. If that really did happen to you, I'm sorry for laughing, then

" What would this world be like without laughter "

It's obvious !!!!!
Aliens are involved. I'm surprised no one else could tell.
hmmm, 3 times in about a week that the forums have been messed up. And twice, only the general forum was messed up. That CAN'T be a coincendence. If the server that bladeforums.com is having glitches with its other webpages, then it could be passed off as either a glitch in the server, or a malicious person targeting the server. But if it's only bladeforums.com that is having problems, it would seem plausible that bladeforums.com is being targeted specifically.

Who would do that?????

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I'm aware of the problem, and am working on it as we speak.

In the future, I'd ask that you guys use the tech support forum for these sorts of questions, it's the first forum that I check when I get on here, and it's where this sort of thing belongs.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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