What happened to Bussecombat.com?

That's weird. Maybe it's because they hadn't updated the site in over a year?
As stated in the other thread regard CRK and others, perhaps we should contact Busse and suggest/request they establish a forum here providing Spark and Mike concur. They definitely would get better exposure then they were with an outdated website.

Also, the sounds of knifemaking shouldn't interfere with written communcation in the forums like it does with phone calls. When is lunch at their place anyway?

Stay Sharp,
One step ahead of you Sid

Actually we talked to Busse and a forum may be ok once they get time. We will most likely be hosting their web site very soon. Here is a sample of what the future Busse site will look like although this one is owned by me right now.

This will be the retail site and
will be the wholesale site.

I am not sure what is wrong with their current site but am willing to help if I can. Most likely the internic is pointing to the wrong server.

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Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

I would live to have a Busse knife and a forum! When are the Basics going to be shipped to the dealers?
ok, let's get down to the real issue: how many pennies am i gonna have to save for these humks of steel?

oh yeah, what kinda sheath are they going to come with?

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Joe S.