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What happened to the knives that you retired?

Jan 5, 1999
This question is directed towards a selected group of knife users. For collectors or accumulators, I supposed you just don't play with/carry it when you retire a knife. But for those who only has a handful of using knives, what do you do with the knife that you retired? Throw it in the garbage? Give it away?

My definition of a using knife is a knife that you need to sharpen it no less than once a week. I know this is quite arbitrary, but at least it shows that you are really using it, not just carrying/flicking it.
I only have 2 retired knives. One`s an okay copy of a CS Tanto,I just have no use for it. It hangs in the closet by it`s homemade shoulder rig. The other is a Spydie Dragonfly that I gave to my little sister (11 years my junior) some time ago. She was killed in a car accident in March. She had it in her pocket just like I taught her (ALL the time *except* at school where it could`ve gotten her expelled). It had a little makeup glitter on the handle and one small rust spot from a drop of blood on the blade. It resides in her jewelery box on a shelf in the living room with a few other things of hers. I`ll never use it again. Other than those two I use em all at least from time to time. Marcus
I can never get rid of a knife. I have several CS Voyagers that I used as work knives. Cutting wire, opening boxes, ect.
I just put them in a chest that I keep knives in.
I have a tendency to lose a knife before I can retire it. the odd one gets passed on to someone else, and the remaining few sit in a box with the rest.
I've probably given away 50 or 60 good knives in my lifetime. I always have a few more than I need and I get a kick out of giving a knife to a person who really appreciates it.

There are some, of course, that I will always keep for myself. They were gifts or are in some way special to me. They will be passed on to the next generation collector in my family (my cousin) after I'm gone.


I lost my little brother in a plane crash. I'm afraid I know all too well what these past few months must have been like for you. I am truely sorry for your loss.


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