What happened to the Odyssey II ???

Mar 21, 2000
Going on the new Web Site I notice that Buck is offering a lot fewer models, or (I hope) is not listing everything they do offer. So what about the high end, carbon fiber, ATS 34, Odyssey II? I really wanted to get one of those, hopefully when Buck offered one with a plane edge.


What did happen to it? If there was one great Tech-folder from Buck, this was IT! In my humble opinion, it could easily rival the newer boys. Especially in pricing and A-1 Buck QC.

If its gone. I say Bring It Back!

Krizzard. out.

"...Whoever kills with the sword must be killed by the sword... "
- The New Testament, Revelation 13 :10
The Odyssey is one of the best knives out there. If they don't make the 182 anymore then try the 181. And Buck should offer a plain edge option in their ats-34 Odyssey models, along with a flat grind.

Well, I do hope that "somebody" at Buck Knives takes us seriously.

I mean, this neat litle package only needs some form of "öfficial" endorsement and a bit more of some serious follow up marketing to become "The" 21st century Buck Ranger.

Krizzard. out.

"...Whoever kills with the sword must be killed by the sword... "
- The New Testament, Revelation 13 :10
Yes its true,
The Odyssey with the carbon fiber sides has been discontinued. If I remember correctly, they decided that we had too many tactical type knives already, with the Taclite and Striders. The good news is that you can find one, if that is what you really want. They are out there!Another little known fact is that way back in the begining, we made a small number of the Odysseys with G-10 handles. They are really neat but very hard to come by.
Gentlemen! Could we spare a minute's silence please?
Alas, a promising knife, but too short a life!
The Buck Odyssey II with Carbon Fiber Scales.
A great shame to say the very least.

Joe? Has the response for the Buck Strider worked out better than the Odyssey?
Krizzard. out.

"...Whoever kills with the sword must be killed by the sword... "
- The New Testament, Revelation 13 :10
Personally, I thought the G10 version was the best. I especially like the fact that it is assembled with screws, instead of rivets. Not big sellers, though. I guess the pricing was a bit too much when compared to the 181's. I actually sold one at the Del Mar gunshow today, though.

I argued, and lost, the battle to make the ATS-34 models with plain blades a long time ago. Dunno why the marketing dept. was so hard-headed about that. Maybe if they had made them, the knives would have sold better and would still be around.

Too many tacticals?!?!?!?!?....nah.....never!

BTW, I don't call 'em "tacticals", they're "Sport Utility Knives".

I still have a few of the G10 and Carbon Fiber models left. The CF is sweet. I may have to keep one of each for my "collection".
The Strider knives are doing well. There are some on the drawing board that I will have to own when they get to production.
I wish the Odyssey was still around in CF and G-10 personally.

Take care,
What can I say here guys... We always walk that fine line between investment in carrying an additional model and the revenue that model returns to us.

We do pay attention to feedback and you never know when a special project will revive a past model. It makes a big difference to have to stock and support a model vs just cranking out a few thousand all at once.

I just want to emphasize the point that we do listen and consumer feedback plays a major part in our overall decisions.