What have you done with your...

Dec 30, 2008
victorinox product that either was not recommended, saved a life, mcguyvered something or just a neat story you have.
Wow - 8 days and no replies. Let's see if we can get this rolling .....

I was cleaning the gutters on a friends house. She had these aluminum, diamond pattern screens on them, used to keep leaves & twigs out of the gutter. In multiple places these screens had been bent down into the gutter too far, and needed to be pulled back up. A needle nosed pliers would have worked just great, but I didn't have any on me - I know, I know, I should have had a multi-tool on me, but I didn't. Anyway, I took out the saw on my Farmer and slipped it down into the diamond pattern holes, and the teeth grabbed enough to pull the screen back up into place.

..... Not exciting, not McGuyverish, and not even what I'd call a neat story ..... but it got the job done! ;)

Okay, if I can post a mundane thing like this, surely there's a lot of you out there who can cite an example or two of creative usage of your Vic! :D
One time i was fishing, and my reel jammed up. To take it apart i had to use the small screwdriver on my vic cadet. Thanks to the cadet my fishing trip was saved.
I once had my last subway token jam in the turnstile at an unattended entrance. There was too little sticking out for me to get hold of, but the tweezers on my Ambassador gave me just enough extra grip to retrieve the token.

I have also used the tweezers to retrieve a credit card receipt that did not fully eject from a gas pump.

Tweezers: not just for nose hairs anymore. :D
I drove a friend who has been down on his luck since 08 to collect a first prize winning of cash he won in a VFW raffle. Good money I might add. He was excited and relived because the money was going to help get his family flush. When we got there he had to do all the hand shaking and photos but then he had to sign some documents regarding taxes and other what not stuff. Of coarse he hadn't brought a pen and the three (3) pens handed to him would not work. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my VIC Explorer Plus. One of the official folks laughed and said "Oh NO! no signing in blood!!!" I smiled and pulled the ink pen from from next to the toothpick and handed it to my buddy and the deed was done. I ended up giving him the knife because he refused to give me the pen back. It had just become his "Lucky Charm". All in all it was a great day and I am glad I was who he asked to drive him!!!:):thumbup:
I have used it so many times, in so many situations, it's hard to remember most of them because it's so routine.
At church one Sunday, I spotted a screw on the floor. I picked it up and scanned to see where it came from. It had come out of the back of the pue, the wooden pocket/shelf that holds the bibles/song books in. I opened up the Philip's screw driver and proceeded to put the screw back in.
Thats the only thing that stands out...Oh I used it to complete a dc circuit I was trouble shooting once.
So many times it's saved my @$$
VictGerbSogCamill's post actually sparked a few thoughts of my own. One time, i was on my way to my dads for the weekend and his truck's bed cover had been iced over (there was a lever to lock it down, it was two seperate parts you could life up to get access to the bed) and the latch that locks it shut was frozen over, so he took his little spyderco keychain knife out, it's a discontinued model, i don't remember which one, and starts chipping away at it. Knowing that the lock on that knife isn't the strongest and not wanting him to cut himself (i sharpened it :)) I took out my victorinox camper i think it was, and chipped away at the ice with the bottle opener. It took two good hits to get it freed up. Another time, i was at my girlfriends house and her computer fan was being noisy. Being the computer geek & Mr. fixit that i am, it bothered me so we took it outside. i asked her to run inside and grab a screw driver, but they didn't have one. Who doesn't have a screw driver!? I had my victorinox centurion with swisstech mini pliers hanging from the key ring. Took the centurions phillips driver out and unscrewed the side of the computer, then took the fan out. Grabbed the wire's connecting end with the pliers carefully and wiggled it out (tight fit with the fingers), peeled the sticker back and added a drop of oil to the fan. Put it all back together and voila! I've used my swisschamp & swisstool to make walking sticks, traps. My girlfriend and i were wrestling around on our bed (keep this G!), and as i started to get up she checked me like a hockey player! well, i ended up tumbling across the bed and into a register guard cover thing (made out of wood with fancy metal plating) and the metal plating and a support popped out. I didn't want to remove all the stuff off the top of it, so i broke out the parcel hook, reached in, popped it back in and that was that.
I gave a SAK to friend years ago and could tell by the way he looked at that he would probably never carry it. I never asked about it and never saw him using it. He came into work one morning and his first words were “the knife you gave me sure came in handy last night”. His wife was on a committee of a local women’s club and had volunteered to host a meeting. Some the guest had brought bottles of wine and she had gone into a mild panic because they didn’t have a cork screw in the house. My friend said he had tried everything he could think of before remembering the SAK. I don’t believe this made a convert of him but it did make me feel good to know the knife got used at least once.
My girlfriend got me a One Handed Trekker and it came with a free Classic. I gave her the Classic and she put it on her table. I thought she would just leave it there and forget about it. We went on a trip abroad a few weeks later and I bought a new shirt there that I wanted to wear. She whips out the Classic and cuts of the plastic tag things. Turns out, she had the Classic with her the entire time and passing security of 2 airports with a knife on her! :D
I have a pair of sunglasses that are held together with tiny bolts / nuts (rather than just tiny screws like all my other glasses). This thing gets loose from time to time and a small pair of pliers would help but I didn't have a small pair of pliers last time I needed them.

What I had instead was my Vic's tweezers. They work perfectly for this and apparently make passable tiny pliers. Tada!
Save: Used it to repair my trombone in the middle of a performance. The screw holding the "F" trigger had worked loose and I used the knife tip to tighten it.

Not reccomended: Battoned wood for kindling. Those things are a lot tougher then they look. When I tried the same thing with my crosslock, I damaged the blade stop.