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Ivan Campos

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Apr 4, 1999
This is my Tricorne model.
I have had this blade heat treated for over two years. It is one of only three I made so far and it is a pain in the neck to grind and finish and to find wide, thin stock for it. This one is made of 1/8” thick Sverker 3 tool steel, a version of Böehler´s K-100 by another steel maker. It may look somewhat weird at a first glance but is a very nice fighter, light and quick, able to deliver powerful cuts and thrusts from all directions and very compact and comfortable to carry due to its pistol-like shape.
Even though it´s hard to make, I would like to do an update on this design someday when I can find stock of the right size. Maybe I just end up using some S30V.


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I like that a lot Ivan. I could see where it would be a pain the grind though. Do you have a picture of a finished one. Looks like something the Kukri guys would really like.
Hello, Mark

It is too small and light to be used as a khuk, even though it may look bigger. If we are to compare this with simething, it would be more along the lines of an Indonesian blade whose name I forgot, wich has a strongly droped handle, but I am not talking about a karambit. As requested, here uis a scan from one of her two sisters (now I am talking just like Ed Fowler!).
Don, very cool is what describes the last bowie you posted. This is only something to sting with. ;)


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