What I sharpened for someone... and you?

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
Moms knife is getting quite the patina. I'm put in a new edge on it for her. 1084 and I've already passed it over the fine diamond side of the worksharp guided field sharpener, and sharpmaker coarse rods and about to hit the ceramic rods.


What didn't you sharpen for someone?
Don't be forget to snap a pic and share it here.

You guys inspired me to check Ms. Wild Willie's knife. She's carried this one every day for 15 years or so now, and it bears the scars of my sharpening journey... I've improved a great deal in the time we've been together ( we started dating just before our senior prom in '06 and she got the knife when we were in college).
I looked in the wife’s knife drawer and grabbed one of her Spyderco kitchen knives to carve the prime rib with on Christmas night; and to my disbelief and some choice words, I have never seen a knife with so many chips in it. I ran upstairs and grabbed a DM. I’m going to have to sit down with a couple hours of time to fix her poor Spyderco.
My mother is one of those old-school ladies that cooks every day. She's in her 80s and has never once sharpened her knives, as far as I know. (We'll talk later about the time in the late 1970s that Dad (a retired surgeon) sent all of her knives to the guy that used to sharpen scalpels for the local hospital...). With that said, I recently sharpened every plain edge knife in her kitchen. That meant sharpening a large (8"?) and mid-sized (5"?) Calphalon knives, as well as a couple of paring knives from Chicago Cutlery (if memory serves). No razor-edge, mirror finishes emerged, but they're all in much better shape than they were, and certainly good enough for day-to-day kitchen work. Mom is very happy with them, and that's what counts, right?