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What if...........?

Dec 19, 1998

What if money was no object? What would be the first knife or knives would you purchase?
I would probably go with a Sebenza and a Mad Dog fixed. What would you get?
I`d go for a damascus Krait and a Moran Bowie. Think I`ll go buy that lottery ticket now!

Never a dull moment!
I love this question, however i cant answer it
just know that i can easy spend 350,000.00 in one day for the knives i want none are less than $1200.00 or more than $6500.00 most would be auto's or daul action and NONE tactical

If i was a rich man do-b do-b do-b do-b do!

Gregg Lane
unemployed salesman,
any work done.

Bill Bagwell Hell`s Belle bowie and some kind of van....to put all the other knives in. Heh,heh. Marcus
If I was a rich man . . .

Maybe a wakizashi by Yoshindo Yoshihara for starters, of course after I've been terribly generous to some good charities, and funded a public broadcasting miniseries on the history of the oldest human craft and the cutting edge of art.


If money was no object...I would have to go for the "The Intimidator". A custom fantasy pool cue that was a combined effort between knifemaker Ralph Turnbull, engraver Fred Harrington, and McDermott Cue Manufaturing Inc. With a MSRP of $250,000 it is an incredible collectors piece and weighing in at 9 1/4 lbs, would probably have to break withit just once.


Live every day as if it was your last, for some day it shall be.
In no particular order:
[*]Many things by Wolfgang Loercher
[*]Something like the Diablo by Darrel Ralph
[*]A Moran skinner or bowie
[*]A traditionally made 3-piece Japanese sword set
[*]Some Koji Hara Airstep knives
and finally:
[*]An automatic for anyone who wanted, and lived in a non-auto state. We'll defeat the system in numbers!

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I would have to have a custom made reproduction of every example of edged weapon development from the beginning of time to the present... I would also need a good lawyer because my wife would never let me have all of those things hanging around in the house