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What is a good all around blade?

Sorry but I am not sure what you are asking. Are you looking for a good knife, or good blade material. In both cases many knives would fit your criteria.
I really like a BG42 or D2 Modified in a recurve drop or spear point. If you can afford it the Darrel Ralph EDC is a great choice. This is a folder, and maybe not what you are looking for. He also makes great fixed blade knives.

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Welcome to BFC Jake!

Sometimes the question you ask determines the quality of the responses. In this case, I think your question is a bit to vague to gather many useful responses. Help us out a little. Answer these questions and we can give you much better suggestions:

1. Folder of fixed blade?
2. Price range?
3. Stainless or carbon steel?
4. Traditional handle materials (wood, bone, stag, etc) vs modern synthetic handle materials (zytel, micarta, G10, etc)
5. Blade length?
6. Production knife or custom (this will be partly determined by your anwer to #2)

As a first guess at a good all around knife that will serve well as an all-around hunter and general purpose utility knife, the Spyderco Wegner model would be a good choice for around $100.

I agree with Paracelsus, the Spyderco Wegner is ideal for skinning. The Shootist recommended the Wegner to me, and it is one of my favorite folders.

Some thoughts here:

Folder - Spyderco Wegner

Fixed Production - Spyderco Moran or Fallkniven F-1

Fixed Custom - Dozier K series.

With some smart shopping, You could have all three for $300.00
Jake, for $300 you can get an outstanding custom knife (and more). That is plenty to find something really special.

Take a look at the links above for production knives, and start looking at these custom dealers for hunters (fixed blades with 3 to 5 inch blades):


For your purposes, you could get a Bob Dozier custom fixed blade with a D2 blade (very wear resistant) for around $150 (knifeart carries Dozier) And get the Wegner folder as a backup

Happy shopping! The quest for the perfect knife is almost as fun as owning the perfect knife.

Happy shopping

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For $300, you can buy a heckuva of a wood handled knife! You also might want to check out micarta for handle material. It's tough and impervious to the elements. Will last a lifetime. If you want a bowie knive, you can get a good one from Allen Blade for under $200. Actually, for the kind of money your talking about, you can get just about whatever you want in a working knife. So you have to decide on style and steel. If you want stainless, George Tichbourne makes nice 440C blades and GenO Denning makes great ats34 blades. Personally, I would recommend a K2 General Purpose Hunter from Bob Dozier. Given what you've said, I think it might do for you and a pretty nice price to boot. And GREAT quality. His knives are highly regarded.

Check out the custom links posted above and I'm sure you will find something to fall in love with for the kind of money your talking aobut.

Also, for LESS than $100, check out Marbles Knives. You can buy 3 and have money left over, and these knives are excellent. I have 7 and there's not a bad one in the lot. The sport99 is a great hunter and the woodcraft will no doubt skin a moose.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Lots of sound advice here. My preference would be a flat ground drop point in your choice of steel, handle and size. My favorites: Colorado Cutlery small hunter (small, carbon steel (1095), micarta grip); F1 (medium size, stainless (VG-10), Thermo-something grip, sort of like hard kraton); large size, CS Master Hunter, carbon steel (Carbon V) or stainless (AUS8), kraton grip. And a Concealex sheath from Normark, of course.

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Absolutely Spyderco Wegner. My favorite all around folder. Some excellent sites have been mentioned but let me mention www.toptexknives.com Hard to beat the prices and damn near impossible to beat the service. I would also recommend the Spyderco Goddard lightweight as a cheaper alternative, but get the Wegner if you can.

Dennis Bible