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What is a Sissipuukko?

May 22, 1999
Is this a real knife or a joke that I don't get? If it is a real knife are there pictures on the internet? Who makes it?

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb
Thanks Longden. How's that sharpener working? I got a couple of DMT's I like them better than the Tri-Seps.

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb
A guy I work with who just moved back to Finland was in the Sissis (basically, the Finnish version of the army's Rangers). He told me a little bit about their training -- I got cold just thinking about it!
David: Tri-Seps are working fine... mostly using it to touch up serrations whereever I go (I'm a serial sharpener).

No offense to the Finnish members, but Sissis is not an enviable name for a military group in the states.

No offense taken - hopefully you don't have a military group called Sissis there
One translation to sissi is guerilla.

Is sissipuukko a real knife? I'd say the sissipuukko is a real puukko.
Unfortunately I don't own one
(I will get one someday.) The sissipuukko is probably one of the most modern puukkos. The closes thing to a tactical puukko you can find (talked about somewhere here earlier, but as the search function is gone...) You must remeber that puukko has never really been a tactical weapon, it's always been a tool first - and I think the same thing applies with the sissipuukko. The sissipuukko feels very tough but then again I don't think Cliff has gotten his hands on one yet
. The blade is forged carbon steel and is probably very easy to get scary sharp.
James has some of them at http://www.chaicutlery.com/finnishknives.html . He also has a nice article about puukkos written by Markku Huttunen there. Another page where you can see the sissipuukko is http://www.canit.se/~griffon/diverse/knives/sissipuukko_m95.html .
If you come to Finland try to find one - they are much cheaper here.


(can't seem to get the links right...)

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I am also from Finland and must admit that Markku has written a good article on Finnish puukkos to Chaicutlery's domain. That explain why most Finnish puukkos are the kind they are. One thing he does not explain is that the Lapinleuku (a relatively large Lappish knife) is not made for carving like other puukkos, but is made for chopping. That is something even many Finns from Southern Finland don't know (I live in the North). The largest Lapinleukus come near to machetes in size.

About the word "sissi" (in singular form, pluralis is "sissit" in Finnish), it can be translated as Ranger, guerilla etc. into English. It means an irregular warfare fighter (or unit), and someone called by that word is considered a tough soldier here (as Rangers probably are in the USA).

The Finnish Ranger knife, Sissipuukko has it's origins in a Finnish bayonet made for Valmet M62 assault rifle. The first version of the Sissipuukko was actually a bayonet blade with a knife handle without attachment points to the rifle. The current Sissipuukko is the second, enhanced version with a better sheath, but the first is also still available in Finland as well.

The Sissipuukko is a private venture, and has not been purchased by the military as an issue item. It has been purchased by both military personnel and reservists, but is not in any way a regulation item. Everyone can choose what kind of blade they want to carry, and most bring their own blades to military service and reserve excercices. We have a compulsory service for men (6-12 months depending on rank) and voluntary for women.

Here are some links to Finnish knife manufacturers with pages in English:
http://www.marttiini.fi/ http://www.roselli.fi/ http://www.fiskars.fi/

Here's the knife:


That's with the digital camera at the Blade Show. Looks like I have to put that knife on the scanner and improve on that picture.

Here's the sheath, which is one of the cooler things about the knife system. Notice the roller retention system, that allows a fast draw, but also lets you carry it upside down. Kydex doesn't have leather beaten yet!


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