What is a Survival Card?

May 22, 1999
VideoJoe mentioned that he had a 'Survival Card' in his wallet while going through a courthouse. Does anybody know what this is or how much it costs? Is it the Blade Rigger? Tool-Logic? Is there something out there with that exact name? If I remember right the Blade Rigger was spendy, does anybody know a current price for the Blade Rigger? (If either of these is a lot I'd get the Spydercard if and when it comes out)

The thread I read about the survival card: http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/003456.html
Hi David.

Well the one I had, I've long since gotten rid of. It was a cheap, cheesy piece of stamped steel with an edge along one side, can opener, stamped out wrench holes, and it slid into a plastic sleeve that held (if I remember right) a magnifiying glass, a ruler, and a couple of screwdrivers. Pretty low quality, but decent McGuyver factor.

I went looking for a pic of one, and found the following at BudK (I think they used to sell the one I had):



I think it's time to have one of these again. At $5.99, it's got to be hokey, but it's got an led flashlight for gosh-sakes!

I'm such a sucker for this kind of crap.

Ohhhh. Thanks for the picture. Did you say $5.99? And did you say the guard at the courthouse didn't allow this? I don't have one but I think Tool-Logic or Swiss-Card would be a better choice.

I would still like anyones opinion good or bad on the Blade Rigger. Anybody know if the Spydercard is heading for production? I hate the idea of teasers that never make it to production, just like showcars I guess.
Actually, the one I used to have looked even more innocuous than this. I don't know what he thought of it though, the first time through I just dumped everything I was carrying that had any ferrous content into the bowl so as to keep the line moving.

Yep. $5.99. I've got to order one just to see how lame it is.

What are the Tool Logic and Blade Rigger? I'm familiar with the Swiss Card. I went on a quest for that one when it first came out, but when I finally found one here in town, it just looked like it would bend or break too easily so I passed on it.

I do want something to carry to supplement my other hardware. I've got blades galore, the main things I'm lacking are a magnifying glass, and a mirror.

The only place I can think of off hand for the Tool Logic is: http://www.tool-shop.com

I know there has to be someone in the states who sells these.

Blade Rigger is in the links section their website is: http://www.bladerigger.com

Picture of the Blade Rigger credit card blade:

I used to work security and I'm surprised that the courthouses are really strict on what knives can and cannot go inside the secure area. I guess there is no uniform federalization, like the FAA for airlines, for courthouses. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I didn't read the specs but that blade on the Survival card can't be more than 2". If I remember right its up to a sitting judge to give a court order mandating security in a court building. And if its up to individual judges who are good at law but not security who knows what will be allowed in a court building. I'm rambling, just my $.02.

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