What is "best' handle material. G-10, Carbon Fiber, or

What do you define as best handle material?
G-10 is probably the best from a daily use/ abuse knife handle. G-10 is fairly grippy when wet, doesn't chip easily when dropped,
doesn't really show scratches and will not heat up like aluminum does when left in the sun. But "the best G-10 can do is not look ugly". I believe Mr. James Mattis said that, and was he so correct! Just about any of the micartas or natural handle materials look
much better that G-10. Of course what do I know? I could have this bass ackwards.
G10 with titanium liners.

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G10 seems to be best for general utility, at least in my opinion. Guess I'm one of those folks who actually like 'ugly, black handles' that are so often derided by the art crowd. Carbon Fibre looks really cool but has a sterile feel that makes my hand recoil. If anybody ever succeeds in making G10 look good, he'd be able to afford all the knives he wants...


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G-10 isn't that bad looking, and it doesn't show scratches and marks easily. I personally like 6061-T6 aluminum, but the anodizes scratch and show marks easier than G-10 will.
In most industries, carbon fibre has a high-tech, high-end and ultra-cool image.

Linen Micarta performs well and looks good too.

Looks matter to me, so no G-10!

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I used to think that micarta was the best, as far as looks, durability, grip, etc. But, I have changed my mind since getting the Talon. I like the way Camillus smoothed the G-10 (looks nice to me), but the grooves lend more grip than I would have thought.

For me, G10 is it, unless you go natural.

I gotta cast my vote for micarta. I'm still a hold-out: I love black micarta scales. Just love 'em. I do admit to a new fascination with stag (great timing, huh
) but for my working hunters I want the black linen stuff.

Frankly, the search for the best of anything is likely to prove futile, as there is seldom an absolute best. One thing often overlooked is that any given material can be treated so that it will yield quite difficult qualities. Consider the following picture:

The top knife, a custom Talonite (r) drop point hunter with full exposed tang by Tom Mayo, has linen micarta scales. These as you can see, have been polished until they are fairly shiny, and, as you probably guessed, slippery. The Kit Carson large U-2 Dive Knife, fourth from the top, uses the same material, but it is left rough to the touch, and provides excellent grip even when slippery.

The second knife from the top is the Rob Simonich Talonite Cetan; it has Titanium scales which have been grooved and bead blasted; this provides an excellent grip. A decorated Sebenza with polished Ti scales wouldn't yield such an excellent grip.

Third from the top is a custom Ernie Emerson with canvas micarta scales; also excellent gripping qualities even when wet. Although it looks rather...plain.

At the bottom is the knife which was the inspiration for the Tom Mayo design, the Mad Dog Mako. This knife sets the standard for plain, but the composite (alleged to be somewhat akin to 'G-11') scales are undeniably superlative with respect to grip under all conditions.

Hope this helps, Walt

G-10 for folders

Kraton for fixed

Those are the most comfortable in my hands. one thing I love about those mataerials is they warm up in your pocket and in your hands.

UGLY G10??

There are many colors available in G10 and several ways to finish it. Above is blue G10 with blue and white spacers. The "scotch brite" finish reveals the weave patern and provides descent grip. While I like linen Micarta also, I give nod to G10!!



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I like micarta......not too expensive, you can get it in almost ANY size you want, and color...but strider knives wont use it because it comes apart in diesel fuel... Carbon fiber is cool...hard to work...and expensive.