What is better B:O:B: or change in philosophy.

Aug 26, 2005
O:K: < First off its not like this is original thinking . I am asking how, not preaching conversion . I,ve been told time and again on this forum and others that it is better to hunker down in most emergencys than to bug out . Thats not the subject for debate and more just leading to the point .
I think that even if you don,t want to bug out in dire emergencies that we have a deep underlying need for a change in lifestyles that partially fosters the bug out urge . Principally when we bug out we are survivng . In actuality all we are doing is going camping . We can even look at this a bit further and say that at least some of us are trying to find a simpler self sustaining lifestyle . I am not saying that survival or full fledged camping is for the uninitiated . If we all decided to go Robin hood or Curusoe ourselves then there would be a radical solution to any overpopulation crisis .

My point is this, I treat my B:O:B: as camping gear . I read of some of the exploits and skill levels of posters here and on other forums and realise that there are people out there that are so ahead of the game they are in a league of their own . When some people say a B:O:B: is not necessary in most cases that does not mean they are not of use . I think if at least some of us refocus our energy then we would be heading in the direction we really wanted to go in the first place . So sure I,m going to learn to camp and if I happen to lose a few pounds and gain new skills as well as an appreciation for a simpler lifestyle then so be it .

If anyone has any hints as to what is better in camping gear and what we don,t need, which is really just as important . Hauling survival gear is great for the waistline . If its not necessary and only feeding our egos its just dead weight .