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What is the best fixed blade ?

Apr 8, 2000
What is the best fixed blade and who has the best sheath.
Emerson Police Utility
Camillus Cuda CQB
Benchmade Nimvarus
Only with this 3 knifes
Thank you
Excuse me for my poor english....


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I like the Emerson police utility...

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Best for what? A defense knife for potential fighting is different than a camping knife is different than a hunting knife. What will you use it for? Are you limiting your selection based upon style, brand loyalty, price?
I have not seen the Emerson blade at all, but out of the Nimravus and the CQB, I'd take the CQB. The sheath comes with a tek-lock which by most, if not all reports, is one of the best ways to secure a blade to your belt. Easy on and off but very strong. I have heard many bad reviews of the Nimravus sheath. The CQB also comes in 2 sizes so you should be able to get one in the size you wanted. The smaller one would be comparable in size to the Nimravus, the larger would of course be longer than the Nimravus which would give you added reach but a harder time trying to conceal carry it.

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I don't like the way the Emerson feels in my hand (personal thing) so, while it is a good overall knife I rule it out.

The Benchmade Nimvarus that I have handled had the older sheath design so, would rule them out based on that alone. With an improved sheath, it would probably be a good camp knife. Again, the feel in hand is a little off for my personal tastes.

My pick of the three is the Camillus CQB (1 or smaller 2 depending on what you need). It has a versatile sheath of good design and flexibility. The overall blade profile is one that will work, probably not as good at a camp site but, is serviceable in a multi-role environment. The CQB1 has a very good feel in hand (personal preference) and good balance. If you look very critically at the blade grind, you will find a couple of very minor cosmetic flaws that the average person will never notice. The CQB1 is a lot of knife for the money.

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From the knives listed, I'd choose the CQB. I would pick a Spyderco Moran over all of them. For a sheath, Normark at On/Scene Tactical.



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I would go with the Spyderco Moran as well. Innocent looking little knife more apt to be explained away than the tactical knives.
And the only knife I own that's actually sharp enough to shave whiskers from my face with although the Finish & Swedish single edge beveled Puukko's I have are real close to that.


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Get the Nimravus and go to http://www.bladetech.com for a new sheath with the Tek-Lok. It works great for me as a self-defense knife as well as an all-around utility blade.


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