What is the best grind for wood carving?

Apr 7, 1999
If I want to whittle wood with the most control, is a chisel grind the best way to go? Has anyone used their stiff kiss for this?
In the wood working catologs, the wood carving knives are flat ground. They have a small blade, I would guess about 1.5" long with large handle. Not a very pretty knife but if you see what the people are carving with them, that must be the way to go!!!!


While most carving chisels are ground with a chisel edge, not so for most knives. The chisel grind causes drift even for chisels. So if you want to cut to line if have to clear out material first or the cut will drift. For whittling you want a knife ground both sides. Pick up a Woodcraft Supply catalog they have all kind of good wood carving knives and chisels. Many seem seem very similar to the Scandivanian knives sold by James Mattis.
I think a short (<3in) narrow (<1/2in)flat ground blade is the way to go.