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What is the best handle material?

Dec 28, 2000
I have seen many good looking, functional knives with different handle materials. So far Kraton, G-10, Titanium and stainless steel come up most often. Which handle is best?
Hey MS...

Don't know about anyone else here,, but I pretty much stick to either G10 or some sort of Micarta,,and Carbon Fiber...

Getting a little tired of black though...

I'm having some custom work done for me by Jeff Diotte,, and I guees it's going to have mammoth ivory scales,,kind of looking forward to that...

Theres a pile of different material out there..

Whats the Best ???

I guess it all depends on your taste and the style of blade it's going on...



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In a folder, for functional, I prefer G10 with micarta being a close second choice. Carbon fiber is nice too, but sometimes feels slick to me. And there's nothing wrong with kraton in a beater. In a fixed blade though, for me, nothing beats wood.