What is the best sharpening system available?


Mar 30, 1999

The subject of this post really speaks for its self.So tell me,what do u think is the best and easiest system to sharpen a knife?
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IMHO a Spyderco Sharpmaker....and the best part is they're coming out with a new one this spring!

This thing has put razor edges on knives that have been long dulled.


I have a spyderco and I think it is fine however, I feel the lansky is a better and more versatile system particuarly if you go with the diamond stones.
I like the Lansky, but all the well known ones will work very well. The real trick is to spend some time learning how to use the system that you get. That means sharpen knives until you can get them sharp with your eyes closed.
You must also read Joe's sharpening FAQ. Once you have done these two things, you will be telling the word you have found the best sharpener, know matter which one you get.
Sharpmaker, for ease of use and getting a sharp edge for even a newbie like me.

And, yes, read JoeT's FAQ on sharpening. It's more helpful than anything I've found or read in books/magazines. (Joe cites a book but I haven't seen in the local bookstores.)

The Sharpmaker. For ease of use, simplicity, and its low cost. It can sharpen almost everything that needs sharpening.
Sharpmaker for all of the reasons mentioned above.


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The Sharpmake is my personal favorite among the commercially available but I can't replace my wheels and grinders.
<a href="http://www.bladeforums.com/store/sharpmaker-203.html">See the Sharpmaker</a>

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for beginners: Lansky (or alike) 'cause ease of use.

for me: DMT diafold (double sided) for real use or DMT pocket, it's only 2,5 * 1 inch but gives a good keyring, so I have it always available.

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