What is the color of the large Sebenza?

Aug 16, 2000
I have seen it on several different websites ranging from dark grey to deep blue to the ugliest, "powder" blue (on onestopknife).


Which is correct?

and does anybody feel strongly about classic vs regular...

and does anybody know a great place to buy them...
I assume you are refering to the standard sebenza. My standard sebbies have what seems to me like "medium-to-dark-grey" handles. The wierd coloring seen in some pictures are probably due to the lighting.

Note that there are also special sebbies made with polished titanium handles with unique graphics machined into them.


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I would say that when new, they appear a medium/dark gray. With time and use they will darken even more. Easily brought back to their original color when cleaned with either Flitz of Metal-Glo. I prefer the aged patina (I actually think it is nothing more than grime
) myself. It is kind of similar to my trusty old truck that seldom gets it's bath.
I just ordered my small decorated from Mike Payne at knives and things excellent price and service.

The first knife was probably used to cut stuff.
They are pretty much these colors; my kid's KNIFEGNUGEN t-shirt used as background is a light beige. The knife on the left, fifth from the top, is black (Rogard coated).

<A HREF="http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=306668&a=2279510&p=40598336&Sequence=0&res=high" TARGET=_blank>

Note that the bead blasted colors vary slightly. This is because the smoother the finish, the lighter the scales will appear, and there is slight variability from knife to knife.

Hope this helps, Walt

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